We’ve Got A Fußball (And We’re Gonna Use It)


This morning.

Tramway House, Dartry Road, Darty, Dublin 6

A quick nosey around the Web Summit HQ as its controversial CEO and Founder Paddy Cosgrave (pics 2 and 3) announced the hiring of 40 Trinity grads employees “across a range of roles over the next 6 months for their Dublin HQ and new roles in San Francisco and Hong Kong”.

But are they happy?


We have a great working relationship with the Government under Leo Varadkar. I was at the U2 gig with him. There are lots of positive things coming from it.”

*wipes vomit*

‘I was at a U2 gig with Leo’ – Paddy Cosgrave insists he has a good relationship with the Government under new Taoiseach (Independent.ie)


23 thoughts on “We’ve Got A Fußball (And We’re Gonna Use It)

  1. Johnny Keenan

    The Geek shall inherit the earth.
    Any chance of a job Paddy? I’ll do the night shift. Better clear that with Leo first though

    1. Cillbot

      Networking is important in business – he’s just being smart. Your comment is depressing and resentful.

  2. T Bomb

    There is no product or service with them. Not far off a pyramid scheme. They are selling hope to sellers.

    1. LW

      Was there something about his rock the vote thing, where he was allegedly pretending to be other people to hype the thing, a la Trump and his two fake publicists

      1. Rowsdower

        If you ever actually attended one of his Web Summit scams, you wouldnt accuse him of standing up to crap Irish Service.

        An absolute snake oil salesman.

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