Coldly Independent


Lesliie Buckley (top) and Robert Pitt (above)

This morning.

At the INM AGM in Dublin.

Further to a fallout concerning the aborted sale of Newstalk to INM…

In an unprecedented development for an Irish public company, Mr Pitt did not raise his hand to vote for his chairman when a resolution for his re-election was put to the shareholder meeting.

Mr Pitt formally abstained on the vote for Mr Buckley, but he did vote for the re-election of all the other directors at the meeting….

….Robert Pitt [CEO] sat far removed from Leslie Buckley {Chairman] at the table of directors, and the two men appeared to not speak to each other at any stage during the meeting.


INM announced that its pre-tax profit fell by almost 20 per cent during the first half of 2017 compared with the same period last year.

The media group’s interim results showed that its pre-tax profit declined by 19.5 per cent to €14.9 million primarily due to “continued revenue challenges”.

The company said directors were not proposing a dividend for 2017

INM CEO Robert Pitt abstains from vote to re-appoint chairman Leslie Buckley (RTÉ)


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7 thoughts on “Coldly Independent

  1. Sheik Yahbouti

    Is that Pitt the Elder, or the younger?? On a more serious note – those are two (competing) faces who would have no problem eating bread made from the bones of poverty stricken children, as is their entitlement.

  2. Otis Blue

    In its reporting of the AGM the Independent sees fit to report the following:

    “A shareholder told the meeting that the board needs happiness and should consider hiring a clown to be a director to lighten the mood. Mr Buckley said that he’s not miserable.”

  3. dav

    Irish board room infighting – probably caused when one of them made the other putt out in a golf match.

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