39 thoughts on “Corner McGregor

    1. francis almond

      I think he’s already won but he’ll lose the fight. He’ll lose the fight in extraordinary style and just how stylishly he loses will be the measure of the man. I know he won’t let us down. COME ON McGREGOR

    2. realPolithicks

      If he does it’ll be because the fix is in and they will have the “rematch” already planned….

      1. bdoons

        agreed. May weather stands to make much more by betting on Conor and then even more for the rematch. This has been a circus so far.

      2. Yep

        I know he is “Money” Mayweather but no way he takes a dive for another payday. He wants that 0.

        1. Brother Barnabas

          Don’t think he’d have to take a dive. If it goes 12 rounds and Mayweather wins on points, there’ll be a rematch. So he just has to go easy on him for 12 rounds.

          1. Yep

            I don’t think a rematch will be crossing their minds. This is a one off for Mayweather and he wants to humiliate him and just stroll off.

            Mc Gregor would go pikey if the money is right.

            I enjoy both sports. Not a huge fan of either competitor and I think the whole thing is a joke BUT…looking forward to the circus.

    3. Charlie

      He’ll never have a better chance. Mayweather is an aul lad way past his best. He’s doing this for nothing but money. It will be utter humiliation for the mouthpiece should the has-been beat him. We live in hope.

  1. Eamonn Clancy

    Roddy Doyle and all stage northsiders desperately trying to work out if he’s from the nortside of Crumlin

        1. De Kloot

          As does yours…. a faux intellectual charlatan with dodgy punctuation…. Stones and glasshouses, Goosey….

  2. Diddy

    The gambling industry should be treated exactly the way the tobacco industry is treated. No advertising anywhere.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      It does erode the family income alright, as does shopping, booze and holidays, but it doesn’t increase cancer rates.

      1. Charlie

        It destroys families, creates misery and depression and as big a problem in this country as drinking. It’s an epidemic.

  3. Jimmey Russell

    m&a is trash it’s just too guys pretending too do boxing for 1 min then they grab onto each other and fall on the ground then roll around on the floor for 45 mins a good street fight would batter any of them

      1. postmanpat

        m&m’s are trash it’s just too peanuts pretending too be chocolate for 1 min then they melt onto each other and fall around the mouth then roll around for 45 seconds a good minstrel would batter any of them.

  4. petey

    i’ve had it up to here with this claptrap. maybe they’ll connect at the same moment and kill each other.

  5. Owen

    Mayweather should easily beat him on pts, but he will make it boring, cause that’s what he does best.

    However, McGreggor has little to lose so can really go for it. I suspect he will, and then burn out in about 6rds after the adrenaline is gone and he realises he cant get a glove on Mayweather. It’s at that time how McGreggor acts will determine how much we respect him after. Will he give up?

    How many times has McGreggor fought past 15 mins?….. once.

  6. edalicious

    If this ad tells us anything, it’s that BoyleSports think McG is gonna lose. Sure why else would they be spending a load of money to encourage everyone to bet on him?

    1. Charlie

      Ha…Paddy Power has already paid out on a Mayweather win. They say it has cost them half a mill. Fact is it’s won them a new army of followers the cost which is priceless. They’d sell their mother to make money.

      1. postmanpat

        That mad. why give up when there’s a slim chance he’d lose. I doubt it cost then a half million either. the early Mayweather backers got lousy 1/20 odds so that means punter would have wagered up 10 million at Paddy Power bookmakers alone. risking €20 for a lousy one euro? no way!

        1. Charlie

          Major punters don’t bet in €20 notes. Paddy Power say half a mill but I wouldn’t believe a word that shower of gangsters say.

          1. postmanpat

            I meant €1 for every €20 not actually individuals handing over one €20 note on a single bet. I’m sure a few people risked a few grand to win a few hundred quid on a practical sure thing early on with terrible 1/20 or 2/19 odds . but how much of a potential loss was that to PP if you count all those bets? probably about 10 grand at most, but round it up to a half million and ring Don Draper to make an ad. What a bunch of liars! I doubt PP are paying out on the 2/9 or 1/4 odds they were giving in the last few days.

          2. Charlie

            Btw. Mayweather was never 1/20. You can still get 2/7 at this very moment. Perhaps a few serious punters did lump on.

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