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  1. Dhaughton99

    From today’s IT

    “The new season – billed by Adrian Lynch, controller of RTÉ1 and RTÉ2, as a “strong public service launch” – will take a stormy turn in November with Weather Watch Live, a week-long “event television” special that will feature live broadcasts from weather observing stations such as Hook Head and build on the daily spikes in viewing won by weather updates”

    Really. “build on the daily spikes in viewing won by weather updates” FFS.


    1. rotide

      What’s your issue with this exactly?

      Is it that you personally aren’t interested in the weather or do you reject the idea that many people are?

    1. Dhaughton99

      The first 2 episodes I haves watched weren’t the Mae West. Also a bit too much gore for RTE.

      1. ivan

        I’ve, ahem, acquired the same two episodes and not had a chance to watch ’em; King is notoriously hard to bring to any screen – 11.23.63 being a prime example – but I’d have thought that oldskool detective fiction should be doable.

        I’ll still watch it; the book was good, Gleeson gives good value for money and I don’t want anything *too* cerebral.

          1. ivan

            See I’ve a theory on King; i love his writing but his ability to finish a story (IMHO) sucks. The Stand? Great story-telling, but the emphasis is on the telling, not the story, if y’get me.

            Anyway, if you hated the book, you were never going to like the show, I suspect.

            There’s always IT to look forward to in the cinema, sure…

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