Mixed Material Sculpture


In Clontarf, Dublin 3.

Ciara Ni E writes:

SO…Conor McGregor tweeted about wanting a gold statue of himself. Eamon Heneghan said he would make one. I said ‘ok’. He said it would be LIFE SIZED. I laughed. 😁 Éamo starts measuring things, and buying wood, chicken wire, newspaper, and clay. I left for America 🇺🇸 THEN [Saturday] Éamon sends me a photo of… a *life-size* GOLD *Conor McGregor* STATUE 🏆🌠 10/10 for follow through, in fairness. 😁

In fairness.

Thanks Ciara

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16 thoughts on “Mixed Material Sculpture

  1. Anomanomanom

    He can buy himself a real one with what he earned from that glorified training session with mayweather.

  2. Shayna

    Is it a short man’s thing? Over-compensating, or some such? Statues are great, but it’s a tad icky when yourself commissions a piece.

      1. Shayna

        @ Topsy, to be fair, I did talk about Tyrone earlier this morning, and I wished The Dubs the best of luck against Mayo in the final. I may be a lot of things, but it also includes being gracious in defeat – trust me, I’m a seasoned veteran in defeat.

      2. rotide

        Apparently even though Dublin is a ‘smaller’ county than Tyrone, that failed to be relevant in any way.

  3. Custo

    What about a statue Mayweather pummelling the head off him, complete with crossed eyes and a giant snotbubble?

  4. Frilly Keane

    D’ya know wha

    I think him and Paul Galvin should go at it

    have them running at each other on a fancy catwalk runway
    and who ever has the cleanest white pants afterwards wins

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