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  1. bisted

    …the cyclist passing outside the truck is wearing chefs trousers…maybe LaRousse have lost a customer…

  2. E

    From a cycling point of view this is annoying, yes. But I think there should be a little more outrage at this type of thing from a wheelchair users point of view. On a bike, I would just cycle around it and be expecting it, the entire street down as far as Dame Street is full of buses, taxi’s pulling in, and pedestrians wandering around without looking so I would be on guard anyway. But if I am on my way to work and am using a wheelchair, I can’t get through that gap ( it looks too narrow from the pic anyway ) which means I have to wait (be late to work), or attempt to cross the road (dangerous), and presumably having to go back until there is an actual crossing with a ramp instead of a curb (annoying).

    Last week I squeezed past some builders unloading stuff in Rathmines, parked on the path, nearly hit me with whatever they were taking out of the back of the van, walked past a lady in a wheelchair and the thought occurred to me. Turned back and saw that she was forced to try to cross the road to continue. There should be a bit more consideration for people with buggys, wheelchairs, older people that might have walking frames, I don’t like people parking in the bike lane, but as long as they don’t decide to do it 3 seconds ahead of me without an indicator I don’t really care.

    1. Rob_G

      There’s a medical devices shop on the next corner also, so I would say that there is a fair number of people with mobility impairments that use this particular stretch of footpath.

    2. TheQ47

      I’d agree with you there, E.

      Pedestrians who aren’t completely sure-footed are in trouble here. As someone who doesn’t have physical difficulties with parking like this, I can still see the issues this would cause someone with a wheelchair, a buggy or even just someone who’s a bit unsteady on their feet.

      Whenever I pass someone parked like this, I make sure to “accidentally” bump into their wing mirror and knock it backwards. It’s no more than annoying for the driver, but it makes me feel better. And it *might* make them question how it happened, and wonder if their parking had anything to do with it.

      1. E

        While I love your idea, I have had to stop myself doing things like this to drivers. It just breeds more of the us vs them mentality, and “all cyclists are w******s” idea.

        So maybe next time, just stop and explain to the driver that doing these things can either effect people that they might not have considered, or could have injured someone if thats the case, (you will probably get told to fupp off). Knocking peoples wing mirrors, while massively satisfying isn’t going to do anything except create a contempt for cyclists, and the last thing we need in a small city with poor infrastructure is a person driving a massive truck with a dislike for cyclists in general.

        1. TheQ47

          I’m talking about doing this as a pedestrian, not a cyclist. And I’ve done what you suggested plenty of times. The most common answer I get is “mind your own fupping business”

          1. E

            Ah continue so. They can’t say a thing to a pedestrian if they are parked on the path.

            The best I have witnessed was a van than ran right through a red light, and shouted abuse at anyone in his way. The words that came out of his mouth when I cycled up beside the window to tell him he was completely in the wrong and it was dangerous driving left me a bit shaken.

  3. Co C.

    This is par for the course in Dublin. You can pretty much do what you like as long as it’s part of your job. An Post vans mount the footpaths, Grafton Street turns into a busy delivery route, cycle lanes become loading bays.
    It’s annoying and I presume the likes of this truck driver have little viable alternatives, but maybe time constraints can be put in place?

      1. Bacchus

        it’s far from full of them and they’re rarely free when you need them. If you’re delivering you can’t drive around and around looking for a loading bay. I know it’s not ideal but there’s two sides to this.

        1. manolo

          Most arterial routes have loading bays and also dedicated times for deliveries. Keeping arterial routes clear is essential for good flow of traffic of pedestrians, cyclists and motor traffic. Simple, really.

  4. Joe

    The reality of the situation is that for a functioning city deliveries must be made.
    And to the annoyance of everyone If the law was not broken daily I would reckon at least 70% of deliveries
    could not be made in a timely manner. The Gardai know it and turn a blind eye to most of these frustrating, sometimes dangerous, annoying misdemeanors. I personally had two road signs removed some years ago along Wexford St as the poles were plonked down virtually in the middle of the footpath blocking the pathway for wheel chair users. The imbecilic Dublin City council traffic engineers have totally failed in their duty to provide adequate and functional parking bays let alone cater for all and I mean all road users. it’s about time the whole shambles was re-examined and fixed.

  5. ____

    In case anyone’s wondering, there’s a loading bay right across the road from this.

    Though having a lot more of them would be better for everyone.

    1. A snowflake's chance in hell

      so you reckon the delivery guys should carry stuff across the road in morning rush hour traffic?

      1. manolo

        The delivery guys certainly shouldn’t be doing deliveries at rush hour on an arterial route. there are times allocated for that.

        As for crossing the road, they can do it in whatever way an adult would pushing a buggy, it isn’t that much more difficult. These guys are delivering food, not granite slabs.

      2. Rob_G

        “so you reckon the delivery guys should carry stuff across the road in morning rush hour traffic?”

        – I would rather them do that than force wheelchair users into same rush hour traffic, yes.

      3. Joe cool

        Due to health and safety being pc crazy lately. The driver would have a lot of aids to help him carrystuff over the road

        1. A snowflake's chance in hell

          Fair point in theory but you don’t know for sure that’s the case

          We’re all so quick to judge.

          1. $hifty

            What are you talking about? There’s a sack trolley in the first photo, ffs.

            In Dublin, if you put your hazards on, you can do whatever you want and nobody gives a crap. There’s a shop in the North Strand, where the bowling alley once was. A delivery truck pulls up outside it, in the bus lane,sticks on the hazards and starts unloading trays of cans etc. I’m unsure how often this happens as I pass at different times each day but I see it in the morning rush hour at least once a week.

            They force the bus to overtake, sometimes having to wait 4 or 5 minutes for a break in the traffic. There’s no way this should be allowed on what is the second busiest thoroughfare into the city centre on the Northside


      4. Rowsdower

        No of course not, that would be inconvenient for them, best to just block and an entire lane and half a footpath instead.

  6. Turgenev

    Deliveries should be made before and after standard working hours.

    Cycle lanes should be protected by bollards or planters.

    Not so hard, is it?

    1. A snowflake's chance in hell

      We have a mediaeval city with third world infrastructure and planning.

      Cyclists need to organise politically becoming more proactive

      Don’t be leaving these issues up to the greens and other idiots like that with no power.

  7. Tman

    Maybe its La Rousse. I was cycling on new street before Saint Patricks cathedral a while back at around 815am. There was a La Rousse van parked in the bus lane and a bus full of passengers stuck behind her. The driver was sitting there nonchalantly with the window down. So I stopped and politely informed her that she was blocking the bus full of passengers to which she replied what I am I suppose to do there is someone illegally parked in the loading bay. To which I replied go around the f*&king block and see if its free when you come back around or FIND SOMEWHERE ELSE TO PARK. It was a small van so wasn’t even making deliveries.

  8. Pat "Connie" Plank

    Looks like South Richmond Street / Camden Street.

    Regardless, Sure deliveries have to me made. That’s why they have loading bays. And why not make them at 4 AM in the morning otherwise.

    However, deliberately damaging commerical vehicles is wrong and pointless. Now a mass tyre-changing exercise in those lanes might work.

    And, why is there no critical mass event in Dublin?

    But fundamentally until an injured or worse cyclists family take a manslaughter or personal injury claim to the tune of millions agains these business bozos they won’t stop.

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