We’re Kind Of A Big Deal


This afternoon.

National Concert Hall, Dublin 2

Matt Cooper and Ivan Yates officially unveiled as the new anchormen of the Tonight Show, the replacement for Tonight with Vincent Browne.

A ‘double header’ at 11pm Monday to Friday and Mario Rosenstock will “also join the pair every Thursday”.

Female host (out of picture).


Any excuse.

The Best Bits That Came From TV3’s New Season Launch (MediaHQ)

TV3 launches New Season line-up with new shows, big name signings, major sports events, exclusive drama commissions (IFTN)

Pic via Daragh Brophy and MediaHQ

28 thoughts on “We’re Kind Of A Big Deal

  1. Paul

    I thought Yates had fled the country due to bankruptcy? Did he just come back pretending nothing had happened?

    I’m so lost.

    1. LW

      He’s long back from his own bankruptcy emigration, there was a judgement against his wife more recently, which preceded his latest decision to leave, around a year ago. Not sure what happened since

    2. Harry Molloy

      when you have been declared bankrupt you should be forced to spend the rest of your life on state handouts. You should not be allowed to work again. Failure should be punished.

      Ever try, ever failed, it matters. Can’t try again, can’t fail again, nothings better.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        He is getting State handouts – TD pensions etc. we are paying him. i bet he hasnt a PSC card either

      2. Topsy

        Went bankrupt, destroyed some creditors, but kept the auld state ministerial pension. Failed politician, failed “entrepreneur” (lol) & useless. A conceited git.

        1. Harry Molloy

          yeah, it’s not my job to defend anyone who became bankrupt but becoming bankrupt isn’t a crime.

          we had rules a very short time ago that once you declared bankrupt you were bankrupt for 12 years and this was seen as archaic and a disincentive for anyone to take the risk of setting up a business. When someone goes bankrupt creditors will always suffer, that’s business.

          I’m not sure what you’re saying, if it’s just that you don’t like him then that’s fair enough. But I don’t think we should banish people for being bankrupt.

          1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            That’s how bankruptcy works. They don’t get your pension. His massive pension is a separate issue.

  2. Pete

    Can’t wait to hear Mario rosenstock’s really hilarious impressions of Irish politicians. I hope he does his Enda Kenny. Ha ha ha. That’s the best one of them all

    1. Frilly Keane

      TV3s is only off the Ballymount Road
      where are going with your Dublin 2 and your Nordside

        1. Frilly Keane

          Never been to the Airport
          The Gate
          Croke Park – when the Rugbee crowd were renting it out
          The Point


  3. Public Service

    no real issue with either of them but jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaysus can Irish media not develop new talent? the same shower of tired old faces all the time. for aesthetic reasons alone, it’d sicken you to the pit of your boopy boopers

  4. M

    I thought we might have something original..


    What does Paul Gabon think about Feng Shui?

    Or what does Daithi O’Sheas think of Ice Hockey?

    Or.. if you want to get controversial..

    What does Brian Dobson think of Sharon?

    By the end of the Late Late Show (I’m directing).. I’d be like..

    “So Ryan Tubridy… if you HAD to choose one…

    Would you be in the Dr. Judy Wood School of Engineering which states that the destruction of the World Trade Centre can only have been accomplished with the help of a molecular disaccociative technique such as a directed energy energy weapon.. See DEPS.org (Directed Energy Professional Society) or would you be more in the Professor Jim Fetzer School of thought which suggests that a mini-neuclear weapon is the only plausible explanation ala the discussion in the Indonesian parliament about the use of a mini nuclear weapon in the wake of the Bali attacks of 2002…

  5. Milo

    Imagine being Matt cooper. Always on the b team. Present but irrelevant, smouldering resentment making your voice revealingly whiney, convincing yourself that your kids’ college fees are reason enough. And Cork..

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