Are we clear?

Or suppressed.

Like ‘Knowledge Report’, who writes:

The website for the new Scientology ‘Ideal Org’ in Firhouse. Dublin 24 (‘© 2017 Church of Scientology Mission of Dublin Ltd) is live.

Clicking the donation buttons brings you to a Paypal page so you can pledge a ‘Donation For Logistics Support’

Whois information blocked.

Protest info to follow, pending consultation with local residents.

Oh and a cheesy video (above) to go with it… complete with some good aul Irish bluegrass.


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6 thoughts on “Defiantology

    1. MoyestWithExcitement

      One can protest scam artists preying on the naive and emotionally vulnerable. They’re trying to protect you, buddy. You should try out a bit of empathy and join the rest of us in polite society sometimes. It’s often quite nice!

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        No different to any “religion”, really. Salvation from torment in this life or the next for an adequate sum.

        1. spudnick

          “No different to any “religion”, really”.

          This annoying ‘shure all religions, aren’t they’re all the same’ pointscoring that appears in relation to Scientology is tiresome and pernicious. Yes, have a dig at Catholicism, we know they deserve it. But this blunts the edge of evil blatant scammers like the Scientologists who simply want to empty your pockets and separate you from your loved ones, using ‘religion’ as a shield from criticism and the tax man.

          I believe religion is a waste of time myself, but the equivalence is false.

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