21 thoughts on “Gimme Some Skin

  1. Jonjo

    What am I looking at here? Is there something wrong with the ad?

    Get many retweets Derek? Receive an apology the Irish Times yet?

  2. Daisy Chainsaw

    Hey women! Continue to hate your bodies as you age. Give us all your money to make you look like a surprised freak in a wind tunnel.

  3. ceo

    That’s not the full ad. At the bottom of the page was a picture of 3 women’s bellies – before, mid and after some cosmetic treatment. My wife was fuming as she said she’d gladly, 3 kids later, take any of those bellies. I was inclined to agree. The ad was basically saying a pretty slim and toned mid-riff was just not good enough so you better get one of those “coolsculpting” session and make yourself look like Barbie.

    The irony that Jennifer O’Connell’s article on page 3 was about women’s online obsessions with other women’s bodies was clearly lost on someone.

    1. Owen

      (when the lads said ‘read page 3’, they didn’t mean the Times) – sorry, the low hanging fruit of a joke was unavoidable.

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