27 thoughts on “Renters Unite

      1. Zebra Dog

        They don’t want market rent, that’s what they have now. The landlord only asks a price, the market fills it (or doesn’t).
        What they want is below market, fixed price rent.

    1. eric cartman

      +1 , the idea of social / public housing inside the m50 is now laughable, people buying houses have to go to meath , kildare etc… so should social tenants.

      1. Spaghetti Hoop

        Yep. Dubs looking for 3-beds with front and back gardens had already gone to Meath and Kildare in the 000s. Some very happy, some unhappy with the commuting and the Catholic-only schools, lack of broadband, cost of diesel, hours in the traffic – but a lot of Dubs made great lives out there and blended in with the communities and sports and social clubs. I would encourage the social housing to move out along the rail lines to Saggart and northwards to Swords. The city has to expand.

        1. ahjayzis

          Yeah, its definitely far, far too dense as it is. You could be in Mumbai, sher.

          *slams head off desk repeatedly*

          Have you ever actually been to a city outside of Ireland?

      1. Rob_G

        What do you propose happen in practice – if someone from Dublin 8 and someone from Westmeath are bidding for a property, the person from Dublin 8 should get it even if they offer less money, and the person from Westmeath will just have to stay in Westmeath?

  1. Truth in the News

    Lessons from history in the 1880’s the Arrears Act introduced the a breach of contract
    clause where if the rent charged to an agricultural tenant was oppressive, this needs
    now updating to deal with 2017 social conditions in particular to rents and subsequent
    evictions, all vulture fund operators need taxing out of existance, and tax santuary housed
    under name plates at the IFSC need’s to be dealth with, does Mr Miurphy look out the back
    windows of the Customs House at all

      1. bad@jokes

        Excuse me.
        I used to to judge ideas on merit alone.
        – I didn’t know that fonts and poster-design should be a factor in my level of concern.

        BTW, I think ALL of you ‘one-hit wonders’ are comical.
        You should post here more often…
        …hang on…

  2. Iwerzon

    Scrap the 52% tax landlords pay, for properties offered below 1000euro rent a month. Landlords will reduce rents to 1000e across the country and tenants will have more money to spend in local economy, landlords will have more money to spend, housing crisis might be helped by new landlords entering the market. Win, win, win!!!!

    1. Cian

      Win, win, win, lose. Government will lose the 52% tax, less money available in the budget.

      But there is merit in the idea – especially if applied only to rent black-spots (i.e. most cities).

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