Turn Turn Turn


Steve Ryan

The Irish Design Shop where are running a series of workshops in various different handcrafts each Saturday throughout the month of September.

Laura at The irish design Store, writes:

This weekend we have Steve Ryan traveling from the Lagan Valley in Belfast to teach a Wood block carving workshop.

Beginning with an introduction to the tools and materials (which are all supplied), each participant will practice using a variety of chisels on a small piece of wood before completing a wood carving of their own.

Steve has been conducting workshops and demonstrations in green woodwork skills including stool making, turning and carving in his native Belfast for many years. He brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to our Autumn series..

In the following weeks we will have wool darning, spoon carving, and basket weaving.

You can find details of this and all other workshops in the series at link below. link. Here‘s an interview we recently did with Steve.

Autumn Workshops (Irish Design Store)

One thought on “Turn Turn Turn

  1. Harry Molloy

    I’ve always wanted to do a wood turning class!
    I might seriously look at it this time, would be a nice break from written exams

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