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Via National Treasures:

National Treasures is a campaign to crowd-source everyday objects that explore the history of the island of Ireland over the past 100 years.

In association with RTÉ, the National Museum of Ireland and the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, we are asking you to participate in the creation of a digital archive of historical objects. Do you have an object at home that reveals a fascinating part of our history, culture or heritage? If so, you can add it [by posting an image] here 

By collecting objects and revealing the fascinating stories behind them, we want this project to form a unique crowd-sourced tapestry of modern Irish history, one that emphasises the voices of ordinary Irish people.

Thanks Spaghetti Hoop

National Treasures

15 thoughts on “Little Treasures

  1. dav

    I’ve still got some of the anti abortion literature that was put through our door during the 1980’s referendum – just the usual pictures of foetuses in black bags and threats that all children would be murdered etc…, and I think we have the anti divorce referendum crap as well, don’t remember too much about that – except the mini novena that we had to go to in the local parish church – to pray for holy catholic Ireland or something..

          1. dav

            I’m telling you, a 2-3 hour NOVEANA (Loads of hail marys etc) on the eve of a constitutional referendum on divorce) what a hate filled shower the church were

    1. Joe Small

      I recall asking my dad in 1985 how he could vote for divorce as the Pope said it was wrong. This followed the local parish priest talking to each class in his local school telling the kids to talk to their parents. Different times.

    1. dav

      If anybody has a memento from the lunch back in 2007 where seanie stood up and spoke about the need for less regulation in financial services. It was sponsored by Experian and they had the UK ambassador as honoured guest…

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