A Week Without Meat



Jonny O’Malley writes:

This October 10-17, challenge yourself, your friends, your family and your work colleagues to give up meat for a week and raise funds for a great cause, Dogs Trust …

No Meat Week is an annual campaign about making the choice to eat less meat, care more for the environment, help animals and feel better too.

Our main goals are to raise money to help animals, eat less of them, change our diets and help the environment in the process.

We have teamed up with Dogs Trust and all money raised will go directly to them to keep up the good fight in rescuing and re-homing dogs.

No Meat Week (Facebook)

No Meat Week

7 thoughts on “A Week Without Meat

  1. Liberte Capillaire

    They want to raise money for animals. What a brilliant idea. I am looking forward to seeing the animals with their little purses and wallets splashing the cash in shops and pubs!

    1. snowey

      why don’t dogs trust kill the animals and sell their meat?
      I’d say there is a market for dog meat in Ireland.

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