Floating An Idea


A floating home from British company Eco Floating Homes 

Dun Laoghaire Harbour Company writes:

Dun Laoghaire Harbour Company (DLHC) seeks ‘expressions of interest’ to bring floating homes to the harbour. DLHC have designated an area on the West side of the harbour where it is planned to bring a cluster of affordable homes to a very unique marine setting.

The innovative idea is reflective of many other cluster homes on the continent and in North America. The designated area on the west of Dun Laoghaire Harbour overlooks the beautiful Marina, the West Pier and has views of Dublin Bay.

The designated area is adjacent to Dun Laoghaire Town with its wide range of amenities including restaurants, shopping centres and schools. The harbour is also located on the DART line and has other excellent transport links.

DLHC Commercial Executive, Carolyn Hanaphy said today: “this is an exciting and innovative project which will deliver c.50 homes in a beautiful marine environment”.


Dun Laoghaire Harbour Company

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26 thoughts on “Floating An Idea

  1. Conor

    Works in other cities so why not. What a perfect location as well, however I’m intrigued as to how affordable will be “affordable”?

    1. snowey

      I was thinking the demand would be huge from professional no kids type
      would be far from affordable – would be a professional hipster dream
      the price would rocket….

      I’d love one.

  2. martco

    affordable yea right
    by the time Hook Line & Sinker get involved it’s €495k upwards + €20k pa mooring fees

    they are lovely tho

    1. rotide

      Agree with this.

      There’s no way that seafront gaffs in SoCoDu are going to be affordable, even if they are modular.

      1. Shayna

        It’s a very romantic idea living on a boat in a nice spot. I investigated buying a houseboat in London in the ’90s. The reality is, mortgages are nigh on impossible to secure. Mooring fees are generally borderline extortion. There is always an issue with car parking, postal services may prove difficult. Then, there’s the issue of tides and damp. Insurance is sky-high, I could go on. But, I guess if one could see past these little issues, you too could look as smug/sneering as the lovely couple in the pic. Being billed as affordable housing, is ultimately misleading.

    1. El PSy Kongaroo

      If by waste water treatment facilities you mean take a slash over the side into the harbour, then yes they will.

  3. Dhaughton99

    This reminds me, whatever happened to the bridge that was going to be built linking Sandymount to Clontarf?

        1. Yep

          That’s how I remembered it. Got caught a few days later with the guard down. I’m not an engineer or particularly bright.

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