Jimmy Magee

Legendary RTÉ sports commentator Jimmy Magee has died aged 82 after a life spent bringing sporting events from around the world to listeners and viewers in Ireland.

In a career spanning 59 years he commentated on a huge variety of sports, including eleven World Cups and ten Olympic games.

Simple and powerful, Jimmy’s description of Maradona’s magic goal against England at the 1986 World Cup provided perhaps his most famous line.

“Enrique to Maradona. Ah, different class. Different class! Maradona. Diego Amando Maradona! He’s on the World Cup pedestal.”

RTÉ sports great Jimmy Magee passes away (RTÉ)


12 thoughts on “Different Class

  1. bisted

    …heard his replacement,, Des Cahill, do a ‘Brian Cowen’ interview earlier…Jimmy was a different class alright…

  2. rotide

    Genuinely sad to hear this news. For about 20 or 30 years he toured the country with the Jimmy Magee All Stars, A GAA team made up of a mix of old pros and celebrities. They’d play club teams all over the country with the proceeds going to charity (and the local club would probably do well out of it).
    Great guy, much missed. RIP

  3. realPolithicks

    I remember him from back in the day, he always brought a lot of passion and energy to his commentary.

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