Hip Replacement


Food mogul Joe Macken (left) and Sean Quinn moving Crackbird into Bear

Hipster food latest!

Sinead writes:

Crackbird hatches at 34/35 South William Street, Dublin 2 TODAY, as former resident Bear goes into hibernation awaiting a new premises.

Meanwhile Skinflint has moved to Crackbird’s former perch on 60, Dame Street…


This map will help you…




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46 thoughts on “Hip Replacement

  1. lolly

    ahh, that’s a pity. Bear is my favourite of the lot of them. I’m boycotting the space unless Bear’s million-dollar fries are added to the menu! (in case you don’t know they take dauphinoise gratin potato, cut it into chunks and then deepfry them)…

        1. Joe cool

          As me oul granny used to say….”a little bit of bad does he good. Unfortunately the 2nd stroke got her

          1. Janet, I ate my avatar

            Joe my Da likes ” a bit of bread on his butter ” and smokes sweet afton and has perfect cholesterol
            hope it’s genetic !

    1. paddy apathy

      I am not apathetic towards Bear’s million-dollar fries. Not sure how they’re made but they are exquisite. Think they are fried potato cubed, skewered and deep-fried then piped with daupinoise and fried again. The process is irrelevant, they taste a million euros.

      1. snowey

        I haven’t eaten your burger but I’d concur that getting the meat off local butcher is better.
        I’ve never eat a burger in a restaurant that made me go wow!

        1. mildred st. meadowlark

          I find burgers in restaurants rather disappointing mostly.

          That said. I had a gorgeous burger at Electric Picnic once (sober & hangover free) and it was one of the nicest I’ve ever had.

      2. Spaghetti Hoop

        Agree. A bun-less home-made beef burger draped in onion and mushroom gravy served with mash is one of my fave midweek meals. Or better still, a home-made lamb burger tucked into a hummus-insulated pitta with lettuce and feta and coriander.

        1. Nice Anne

          Mince meat from butcher.
          Bit of salt and pepper.
          Bit of goats cheese and red onion (cut really small)
          Bind it all in the pan with an egg and some breadcrumbs.


      1. I.P.

        Restaurants use more butter then you’ve had hot dinners.

        If a meal costs more then a tenner you don’t get snarky calorie counting think pieces. Expensive unhealthy food is trendy. In certain parts of Ireland, in certain parts of dublin.

        1. Janet, I ate my avatar

          you are right
          I assume it
          I’m an absolute snob about food
          but I prefer fresh produce simply cooked and yes with real butter
          it’s not just calories it’s all the other muck they stick in there

    1. Rob_G

      They do ads for the Social Democrats, they do ads for Crackbird, they do ads for Irish hip-hop of questionable quality – at the end of the day, its their site.

  2. mikier

    Crackbird is really not great, maybe in their new location they might but the heat on in winter. Greasy chicken, nothing really better than a snack box from the chipper, which in fairness is delicious after a few, also serving my soft drink in a jar FFS.

    Bear I did enjoy, those fries, mmmmmmmmmm.

  3. Sheila

    That was Crackbirds previous location, after it’s initial popup where Skinflint is now…
    I don’t really rate it much anymore TBH.
    Last time I was there was on a Thursday and music was too loud (I thought they had that sorted). We asked for it to be turned down a notch, to which the waitress told us: “As it’s the weekend, the in house DJ is here. Would you like to be moved to a quieter table?”
    We took the offer of moving and I told her I wish my weekend started on a Thursday.

    On side note, Jo’Burger has been shut in Rathmines for well over a month, painted pink and a sign saying “This burger is being flipped, see you in two weeks”.
    A refurb or a take over by a rival? Anyone know?

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