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Campaigners have condemned a council in Ireland for offering free car parking “to mark European Mobility Week a week which is associated with ‘car-free day’ and promoting a reduction of car use.

According to the EU website for European Mobility Week, the aim of the week includes to “find innovative solutions to reduce car-use.”

European car-free day is on Friday, but Galway County Council is promising free car parking on that day.

Council Offer Of Free Parking On Car Free Day Criticised (IrishCycle.com)

Free Parking In County For European Mobility Week (Galway Bay FM)

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3 thoughts on “Just Park This Here

  1. Paps

    If anything they should double the price of parking, or introduce a congestion charge that day (proceeds to charity or sustainable transport initiatives) rather than giving everyone an incentive to use their car!

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