27 thoughts on “Last Post

  1. Zaccone

    Whats wrong with that? Does that not just mean he’ll be out of there at 5:01 instead of 5:05? Seems like hes doing it well.

    1. Turgenev

      Not sure if it’s still the case but you used to find various countries’ mailbags in other countries as the post travelled through, bagged up, and the bag was pulled into circulation wherever it landed.

  2. Boj

    Nothing wrong with that at all. Lots of offices in that area where the person who attends to the front desk (not sure are we allowed to say receptionist anymore) is tasked with dropping the letters on their way out. Sound post man, enjoying the sun.

  3. AnAccountant

    Alan appears to be wearing a baseball cap and I’m assuming he’s not a tourist, therefor all his utterances are invalid. What’s the problem anyway? Is dropping letters into a bag too uncivilised?

  4. mark

    The box says last post collection at 5pm. You’d be mighty annoyed to arrive at 4.55 to find it already gone.

  5. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

    I used to be able to play that song (green fields of France) on the guitar when I was a young wan. Went down a treat at parties. Mostly surrounded by adoring aunts and great-aunts, obv.

  6. Liam Deliverance

    Fair play assuming he waited until 5, that’s all you could ask for, I imagine he has 2 score and more of these to pick up.

    As for the bag, if you go into any Irish postal sorting establishment and picked out 10 bags at random, 7 would be Royal Mail.

  7. Nigel

    Jeez lads maybe he’s just capturing a single moment on the street a candid slice of life the last dying glimpse of a declining institution that was once an integral part of our lives. The Post. Classic.

  8. Riz

    Why aren’t you in work Alan instead of wandering around the Dublin streets taking snaps of postmen being sound.

  9. Toni the Exotic Dancer

    ‘Alan has blue eyes, can dance…& is a member of the Fianna fail party’. What a catch!

  10. Custo

    So he got there earlier than he thought, took the post out of the boxes & waited around just in case anyone came to drop a letter in instead of heading off early?

    He even left the boxes open and the bag there to let folks know that it’s going to be 5 on the button just in case they were sauntering up the street.

    What a boopsy.

  11. Shayna

    Strangely, it reminds me of an episode of “Friends”, the one where Joey recommends to Monica the way to ingratiate herself to his grandma (or ma – ?) is to criticise The Postal Service, and/ or The Irish.
    Nice one Alan.

  12. Shayna

    A few years ago whilst living in Tyrone, approx 70 miles from Dublin, I sent a parcel the size of a fountain pen to Dublin, it cost me £15 to send 1st Class. 11 days later my friend received the parcel. Not great, I would have thought. Royal Mail v An Post – Fight! (Clearly, I’ve been reading BS too long).

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