28 thoughts on “Minifigure Of Speech

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      I’ve no doubt that it has happened. I’ve never seen it in my working life, luckily.

      1. snowey

        I’ve seen it in mine many time but to both genders.
        never seen it particular to one gender…

        actually the worst culprit was a woman I reported too

        1. Tony

          I’ve seen it many times and not restricted to one gender either!

          And get this. The worst one I ever saw was a woman I reported to!

          1. Col

            Tony is the only one who comes up with good ideas around here.
            That fresh thinking is what will get you to the top around here Tony.

        2. Robert

          I was thinking that I’ve never seen it, but I’ve just realised that yeah I’ve seen women do this a few times. I’m sick of being blamed as a gender for bad things we do. See mansplaining as well – I’ve seen women explain things in a condescending manner for more often than men. Feminism without intersectional awareness FFS.

      2. Spaghetti Hoop

        I’m struggling to find an example. If a colleague refers to my idea in a meeting, I’m credited. But there’s nothing to stop folk from claiming your ideas behind your back – risky as it is. Plus I don’t think it’s a particular gender doing this. Used to think that fellas definitely coat-tailed more than women….but possibly were just the most obvious. I think there is just a breed of short-cutters and mé-féiners and comprised of men and women.

  1. Tony

    I’ve seen it many times – much more subtle than portrayed by the lego Simpsons above but it’s definitely a thing. Far less common these days I’d say – Don Draper types would be called out for it in a flash. I’ve also seen men do this to other men and women do it to other women.

    1. Robert

      What I don’t understand is why these terms are gendered so heavily?

      Could be that guys are just used being pooed on through social conditioning whereas girls aren’t – welcome to equality ladies!

  2. Joe Small

    Its happened on TV, so that’s enough. If anything, the reverse would happen in my workplace. Is it worth my while whinging about it?

  3. Gorev Mahagut

    This was the entire point of a long-running series of sketches in popular television comedy programme “The Fast Show”, but no-one remembers it because it was written by Arabella Weir, a woman.

    1. Robert

      You mean the “does my bum look big in this” skits?

      I’m wracking my brain but I can’t recall their skits about “do my man-boobs look prominent in this jumper”?

  4. Dave

    This is just another sexist term for a universal experience. I’ve experienced this myself and seen it happen to members of either sex, with both men and woment repeating the idea. Creating gender specific derogatory terms for an experience that is not actually gender specific is regressive and unhelpful.

      1. Robert

        In a discussion on social inequality this remark demonstrates both sexism and racism and also a complete lack of awareness of intersectionality.

        You are the whingy shrill feminazi that gives feminism a bad name.

        Shame on you.

      2. Dave

        I think you’re confused… I’m not the one who invneted a term putting the blame on a whole gender for my failure to assert myself in the workplace

    1. Harry Molloy

      I take credit for HAPPY Molloys ideas! I’m going to stop explaining this one soon, Happy can do it herself

      1. edalicious

        Wowowowow, wait a minute. So there’s a pair of you? I always thought you were just changing your name intermittently…

  5. eric cartman

    yet another thing that isnt gendered that the feminist lot have to add to.
    up next shemugging – when mugging happens to a woman, because we all know nothing bad ever happens men.

  6. Eoin

    If you’re too dumb to hear a good idea from a woman then you shouldn’t be in a job where part of your role is to seek out good ideas. I’ve never witnessed ‘hepeating’ because I work in a job where if you are that dumb you will be fired.

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