28 thoughts on “Vaccine But Not Heard

  1. jeremy kyle

    Well I think the vaccine is, hold on while I pluck some numbers out of my botty… ehm… 2000% safe.

        1. Brother Barnabas

          Sometimes the only remaining option is to take out your dingly-doo-boop-de-boop, hold it tightly in your hand and threaten to use it.

  2. The Ghost of Starina

    If Burke is going to get uppity about the message it sends to young journalists, he should have asked the Bishop for his references and sources for this information before reporting it. Otherwise he’s reporting some aul virgin’s heresay.

  3. Daisy Chainsaw

    A catholic bishop talking about young girls being lulled into sex? Yeah, that’s not weird or creepy at all.

  4. TheRealJane

    I also have an opinion about the HPV vaccine. I’ll expect contact re my opinions very soon. I am as qualified as a bishop on this. More qualified, as a person with the equipment under advisement.

  5. Chris

    The amount of comments deleted here is rediculous. Broadsheet if you have problems with the words ‘vagina’, ‘girl’, ‘sexual health’ and ‘creepy bishop’ maybe you should join old Phonsie in his parish because you are much more aligned with his ethos than you realise.

    1. Goosey Lucy

      I’m still v v v confused as to why my use of the word “vagina” needed moderation a while back. It’s not dirty, lewd, inaccurate or inappropriate- explain Broadsheet?!?!
      It’s just a part of my anatomy!

      1. Tony

        But they don’t censor the word vagina because it’s right there in your post and Chris’s post and now this post. Vagina. Creepy bishop. Maybe it was something else about your vagina post that caused them to vagina it.

  6. TheRealJane

    Still, unlucky timing for the Fonz when everyone is talking about how the Catholic Church likes to use its influence in a manner designed to harm women.

    I probably would have said this on a different day.

    1. rotide

      We do it all the time around here. Whether it be refraining from cursing to avoid moderation, to mentioning certain other website to avoid moderation or naming the admin of the site to avoid moderation….

  7. Yep

    Bad form on BS for not printing the rest of the exchange.

    Burke and Oakley have found common ground and decided to move out of their respective dying mediums and agreed to start a business together. Oakley will have his real estate licence early next year and Burke is already half way through his degree in interior design.

    1. Chris

      They want to bask in the liberal association offered by highlighting the issue but lack the actual desire to see anything truly challenging appear here. I would applaud them were this not so censored both in comments and also in content as you point out. I posted a challenging comment earlier and it was indeed offensive to those who would agree the Catholic Church should have a leading role in commenting on normal sexual behaviour of which they know nothing, but Broadsheet duly deleted it.

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