Turned Out Nice


This afternoon..

Dublin City Centre and Dublin 2

Scenes from today’s March 4 Choice urging a repeal of the Eighth Amendment organised by the Abortion Rights Campaign.

Pics by Rolling news and Irina Dzhambazova



This afternoon.

Leinster House, Dublin 2

The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform (CBR), an American pro-life organizstion, holds a counter-rally outside Dail Eireann.

Sam Boal writes:

The protesters were told not to show graphic banners with dead fetuses but they did anyway.

Sam Boal/RollingNews

121 thoughts on “Turned Out Nice

  1. missred

    Excellent day. It was slow to move from Parnell Square but that was due to the large volume of people. Saw two ladies (Maeve and Cathy I do believe are their names) near the Ambassador in Repeal jumpers holding a photo of themselves at the exact same spot in ’83 protesting the amendment. Still waiting for justice

  2. Liggy

    A fetus at 10 weeks is about the size of an olive. Not as big as the ….. illustration on the anti-chpice poster.

    Anyone truely concerned about children would not show that in a public place.

    This is why hotels down want the anti-choicers speaking – who would want their business tagged and associated with blatant lies and a picture like that.

  3. Liggy

    A fetus at 10 weeks is about the size of an olive. Not as big as the ….. illustration on the anti-chpice poster.

    Anyone truely concerned about children would not show that in a public place.

    This is why hotels down want the anti-choicers speaking – who would want their business tagged and associated with blatant lies and a picture like that.

    1. newsjustin

      You don’t say? Do you think maybe they increased the size of the image to put it on a big poster people could actually see?

          1. Nice Anne1

            So you didn’t go out and support the anti-choicers? Ah Justin. Come.on, at least do something rather than just rant on a pro-choice site love. Actually have the courage of your convictions. Disappointing 0/10.

          2. newsjustin

            How is attending a protest, which i never do anyway, by a group I don’t belong to, in a city I don’t live in, “having the courage of my convictions”?

            Look, I understand he want to brush over the fact that that is a 10 week old foetus in the picture, so I can understand your side tracks.

          3. dylad

            A 10 week old foetus is a couple of cm long and around 4-5 grams. That is not a picture of a 10 week old fetus.

          4. newsjustin

            @dylad As I say, I think they may have enlarged the photo of the tiny human foetus to make it poster size. Means it can be seen across the road.

            @pat kenny’s wife. It destroys human life.

          5. jusayinlike

            Any scientific peer reviewed papers that show it’s an actual human life instead of some cells clumped together Justin?

          6. Rowsdower

            Did someone just ask for a scientific peer reviewed paper that outlined a determination of when somethings a human life and not a clump of cells?

            My word.

        1. Mark Mywords

          @newsjustin it doesn’t matter the size, what it looks like, if thats a pic of 10 weeks, or if its not .. none of that matters .. it being a tough image to see .. doensn’t matter. because it’s nothing to do with you. if someone doesnt want to have a baby, doesnt want to be pregnant, that should be up to them. stuff that you dont like, happens all the time. but its not up to you. when it comes down to it, it’s about people making decisions for their own body, their own life. their own decision to make. not up to you to make it for them.

    2. Nice Anne1

      #NotAllMen juston – funny how thousands of pro-choixers can travel across the country to show their support for their beliefs as you are clenching tighter to the anti-choicers lies and the sanctity of your keyboard.

  4. martco

    Well done everyone but just my tuppence is from the noises I’m picking up on during the week it seems to me that this is already a done deal.

    did anyone hear that interview with Bernard Durkan this morning? Utter & complete nonsense.
    Bernard waffled his way along very comfortably because he already knows what’s coming next

    FG/FF conservatives didn’t get the answer they wanted from the Citizens Assembley in fact quite the opposite. Now they’re attempting to control the narrative & they are busily moving the goalposts right in front of our eyes. There will be a vote but who writes the question?
    To me it looks very much like the Repeal side are going to have to massively protest this per water charges & beyond else it’s going to be nothing more than a trap vote.

    1. rotide

      What are you waffling about?

      The govt convened the CA to look into a referendum, you moaned they were kicking to touch.
      The CA Recommended a referendum, you moaned that the govt would never allow it.
      The govt ordered a referendum, you are still moaning.

      Good god, support the movement and continue to keep the issue in the eye but stop with the pathetic conspiracy theories, it’s embarassing at this stage.

        1. rotide

          I make a positive post about a FG led govt and I’m a shinnerbot?

          The shill accusations are getting far too confusing round these parts.

      1. martco


        this isn’t a particularly burning issue for me personally so I’m not moaning or griping about anything…actually don’t think I’ve commented on this much if at all to date. But I do have an opinion and its that women should have control of their own bodies, full stop.
        I see what’s happening here very very clearly. You can say what you want about conspiracy this and that but I can tell you for a fact that the wording of this referendum is crucial….not that a vote will or won’t be held. what good is the vote if what’s being voted on ignores what this CA construct recommended?

        Listen back to that Durkan interview.

        1. rotide

          Martco, I apologise if i lumped you in with some of the more reactionary people here.

          I’m in complete agreement with you with regarding the wording of the referendum. I think it’s going to be very important. I just tend to give this govt the benefit of the doubt seeing as they have been the most proactive govt with this issue in the last 30 years.

  5. Liggy

    A fetus at 10 weeks is about the size of an olive. Not as big as the ….. illustration on the anti-choice poster.

    Anyone truely concerned about children would not show that in a public place.

    This is why hotels don’t want the anti-choicers speaking – who would want their business tagged and associated with blatant lies and a picture like that?

        1. Zuppy International

          Pro-aborts are such cowards they cannot allow true descriptions of the act of abortion to be spoken/written.

          Self-induced cognitive dissonance is they only way they can force their agenda through.

          Let’s see how long the following three word sentence will last:

          Abortion kills babies.

          1. mildred st. meadowlark

            My Mirena implant scrapes the walls of my uterus, removing the lining required for a fertilised egg to embed itself in, and I’m sure has removed the odd cheeky one that managed to latch itself on over the course of an ovulation cycle.

            Women tend to have an excellent understanding of how their own bodies work, and have enough feeling and intelligence to make informed and rational decisions about their own wombs.

            I don’t think we need your fevered nonsense adding to the discussion. You just keep repeating what we already know, or the ridiculous hyperbole you’re so fond of. Either post something of real merit to the discussion, or toddle off.

          2. Zuppy International

            Are you in charge of this web-blog now Mildred?

            Are you the one who decides who is allowed to post and who is not?

            Are you the one who mangles my posts in order to maintain the frame of your own cognitive dissonance?

            Are you providing answers?

            In the meantime, meet an abortionist. Such lovely people.


          3. mildred st. meadowlark

            Many thanks for proving my point Zuppy.

            I don’t think I need to add anything else.

      1. ahjayzis

        Do you ever worry about who hears you calling them a murderer? The stats suggest you definitely know at least one woman who’s had an abortion. You’d call her a cold-blooded killer to her face, would you?

        1. Zuppy International

          So you want to have a discussion about killing babies without ever mentioning the act of killing babies, which is the point of the discussion.

          Liberal Logic at its finest.

    1. Pat Kenny's wife

      Who gives a fupp? These people are probably going to be the last dying sting of the Catholic conservative wasp in Ireland

    2. Nice Anne1

      Oh good facts – I LOVE facts. Hob-nobs are better than McVities chocolate digestives and if I put FAAAAACTTTT in shouty letters after that, it makes it true.

  6. gorugeen

    Methinks the criminal justice act 1994 could well be interpreted as having been breached by the display of said imagery. In particular the obscene requirement. These so called pro lifers would no doubt agree said imagery is obscene.
    What I would find to be a grossly disturbing image would be the image of a new born baby that’s been dead inside it’s mother for an age. Victim of a fatal foetal abnorality. The mother, forced to carry a dead or dying baby through a terrible combination of economics and legislation. That is monstrous, heinous, wanton cruelty.

    1. newsjustin

      And many pro choice people hate that it exposes the “just a bunch of cells/heavy period” nonsense.

      1. mildred st. meadowlark

        Because that’s what it is. Regardless of the graphic image, that’s what that is. A bunch of cells entirely dependent on another human for it’s growth development and survival.

        It’s not romantic, or emotive, but it’s true.

          1. mildred st. meadowlark

            Well, yes.

            Because it is. It is a human foetus. It’s a cluster of cells that have the potential to become a fully formed human infant.

            I do understand that there is a difference between a baby and a 10 week old foetus.

          2. ahjayzis

            You I presume look quite human. But if you’re depending on me for an organ transplant or any other ‘use’ of my body, there’s no law compelling me to submit to a medical procedure on your behalf.

            I have bodily autonomy, you see – pregnant women don’t.

          1. mildred st. meadowlark

            Oh I’m sure someone would love to Zup. I’m not fool enough to dispute that.

            However, I have an established life, family, friends and a valid claim to life by virtue of the fact that I can survive without being dependent on the blood, breath and life of another person. Which is a considerable distinction, in my opinion.

          2. Zuppy International

            So you came into this world as a fully functioning woman independent of all others?

            What a miracle. If only all babies could be like you.

      2. Daisy Chainsaw

        Who fakes the picture for them? Planned Parenthood, BPAS or Marie Stopes wouldn’t allow some sicko with a camera to violate their patients’ privacy so these are pictures are fakes, created by perverted minds.

        1. newsjustin

          Why perverted? This is what many successful abortions look like. Granted, in most cases the body would be further dismembered, but this must have been a particularly skilled abortionist maybe?

          1. Daisy Chainsaw

            What “particulary skilled abortionist” would tolerate a photoshoot in his/her clinic? These are fakes from the fevered imagination of a perverted mind.

            And Zuppy, if you know of children being killed, contact the gardai.

          2. Zuppy International


            No children being killed/aborted in Ireland thanks (in part) to the 8th amendment to the Constitution which reads:

            “The State acknowledges the right to life of the unborn and, with due regard to the equal right to life of the mother, guarantees in its laws to respect, and, as far as practicable, by its laws to defend and vindicate that right.”

        2. Zuppy International


          People who take children to a march promoting the right to kill children are then upset at a graphic representation of a dead chi;d.

          You tootly bootlers are a bunch of mooky bepplers: all entitlements, no responsibility.

  7. Guy Bague

    Here we go with the Gardai figures on attendance. And we all know how accurate that data is. Hope you’re good at long division.

    As for the Irish Times and accuracy on reporting any identification politics narrative. #goodcomedy.

  8. Enn

    That is not a ten-week foetus, it’s too developed: that is well beyond ten weeks. Ten weeks is less formed and doesn’t look like a baby in the same way. They always rely on that piece of visual dishonesty and presume we are all ignorant. A lot of this anti-choice scare mongering hinges on the extraordinary lack of understanding the average person has of the female reproductive system.

    1. Enn

      I can heartily assure you that, should you obtain a medical abortion under nine weeks (you can’t have one later) you will not pass a ‘baby’ through your cervix, but a clot or sac, and you are unlikely to be able to distinguish between it and the blood clots. This is the same process as a spontaneous miscarriage, which happens in up to 20% of pregnancies, and doesn’t require medical assistance most of the time. Nobody ever tells you this, because they want to terrify and disgust you. It’s a painful, emotional process, but that graphic is a lie.

        1. Niamh

          That would be hilarious!

          Seriously, though, this rubbish about medical abortions expelling developed babies is taken as writ, even by the press – when that awful case was being heard in NI, where the woman’s housemates ratted her out for obtaining a medical abortion at home, the stupid hysterical b*tches were testifying to seeing ‘his wee toes’ and other shit like that, re the foetus. This was, and remains, completely medically impossible. But it was reported, and reported, and reported, and not challenged. It’s scary, if not surprising, to see how little people know. I am not trying to be facetious, but I have passed bigger blood clots during my regular menstruation. These are the, often grim, essentially animal, facts of reproduction. Not angels turning their faces aside to weep.

          Regardless of how you may feel morally – and I agree, it is taking a life, but an under-developed, non-sentient, lesser life, not a ‘human’ life in the sense we understand it as independent and sacred – a medical abortion can be performed at home, does NOT expel a ‘baby’, and is painful but not to the point of requiring hospitalisation. It is too painful, however, and expensive, to be used as ‘contraception’ (nobody does this. Nobody) and not undertaken lightly and no woman should ever, ever, ever be judged or condemned for making the decision not to continue with a pregnancy. She has her reasons and she knows her shit. It’s nobody else’s business and it is not ‘killing a baby’, ffs.

          The vast, vast majority of abortions are blood clots and cramps and that is that. That is the lived reality. Another facet of female experience kept hidden from the public sphere and badly understood and bleated about by idiot boys like Slim Tim.

          You can get the ‘morning after’ pill, in Ireland, up to five days after sex. This causes any implantation to be expelled. Medical abortion is the same, but extends to nine weeks. The body can expel an implantation [miscarry] and recover within days.

          1. newsjustin

            If abortions just expelled blood clots, they wouldn’t be abortions. They destroy and expell unborn humans. The reason the testimony in NI by “the stupid hysterical b1tches” as you call them was uncontested is because it was settled scientific fact. That you may see a tiny foetus amongst the blood and membranes of an early abortion does not mean it isn’t there.

          2. newsjustin

            Daisy you’re going to have to come up with a better denial/excuse for the realities of abortion. It’ll be a long 9 months. You can’t just keep denying that a human foetus is destroyed by an abortion and that the literally thousands of online images of these foetuses online (many having zero to do with the abortion debate) are all being faked.

          3. Daisy Chainsaw

            The realities of abortion are in over 90% of cases a woman takes some medication and expells something about the size of a grape with no human characteristics. Antichoicers have fetishised the foetus to the point where they see it as a magical homunculus from conception.

            A human foetus is destroyed by a miscarriage too. Are they violently torn apart by expulsion from the womb too? Stop believing the bullplop from right wing hate groups like Youth Defence.

            Have you ever experienced a period, a pregnancy or a miscarriage? Does all your knowledge of female reproduction come from the kinky foetus fetish horror stories told by antichoice groups?

          4. newsjustin

            “no human characteristics”

            Except that it’s 100% human. Haha. Does genetics and science mean nothing to you Daisy.

            Look, it’s fair enough if you’re pro-choice or even pro-abortion. You’re far from alone in that. But at least have the cop-on to admit that an abortion destroys an unborn human. That’s 100% the point of the procedure.

            You’re like someone describing a heart transplant but claiming that no hearts were touched during the procedure.

          5. jusayinlike

            Justin, poo is 100% human.. is that to be considered as an abortion upon secretion aswell?

          6. newsjustin

            Poo is not 100% human. It has all passed through a human but it is largely non human material full of many different things, depends what we ingest.

      1. justmetoday

        Thank you for that. I had 2 spontaneous miscarriages, both at around 10-12 weeks, and there was nothing distinguishable as a baby. It certainly didn’t look anything like the pictures shown here. And it really angers me to see such blatant lies being disseminated in the name of “truth”.

  9. Barry Richards

    I have seen it all now. People marching for the right of women to choose to kill an unborn child. Have a look at a Sonogram. View the unborn CHILD. 90% of Down’s syndrome children aborted in UK annually. Its 100% in Iceland! Sick!

    1. Nice Anne1

      That Iceland statistic has been long disproved as a Lie… by the Icelandic people themselves.

  10. Henry Woods

    T’will be raining tonight from the Southwest.
    The weather will turn nice after Mass tomorrow.
    That’s if you go to a place of worship on your Sunday morning.
    On the day of the 1st of October 2017 A.D.
    What a time to be alive. So go out in the day and give praise.
    And thanks in somepart to the auld 8th Amendment.
    For you to be alive and well today.
    And tomorrow. Hopefully.
    Godnight and goodbless.

  11. Catherinecostelloe

    Abortion is an emotive issue to many but this poster is wrong, and the persons behind it are utterly irresponsible.
    There is a very good reason why police do not release graphic pictures of bomb victims eg Birmingham bombings , or murder victims in Dublin shot in face for example and left to die at scene. Maybe this graphic image was a miscarriage? Its abuse .

    1. newsjustin

      There’s widespread – almost unanimous, thankfully – agreement that bombings and shootings are wrong though.

      With abortion, there’s people who would claim its not wrong, even that it doesn’t do the very thing it sets out to do – ending a human life.

      So while there is cohort of people who deny the evil of ending human life and champion abortion, it’s fair enough to point out that abortion destroys human life.

          1. newsjustin

            So now you’ve moved from the veracity of the age of these foetuses to where they were sourced from. Interesting.

            As you are so fond of pointing out, abortion services are treated as just another medical procedure in some parts of the world. So these are likely teaching images. The image, afterall, looks like a very successful abortion. Surely nothing to be embarrassed, ashamed or conflicted about Daisy. This is abortion, this is what you want. Embrace it.

          2. newsjustin

            Are you saying it’s not a human foetus?
            Or that it’s not at 10 weeks gestation?
            Or that it’s not the result of an abortion?

            Which bit is faked?

          3. Daisy Chainsaw

            All of it. Someone has faked a picture of what they think a bloodied foetus looks like. They do it every day for tv and movies. It’s way too big to be a 10 week gestation.

        1. newsjustin

          You’re quite deluded about the image Daisy. But I can understand how you would be. The reality of abortion cannot be faced full-on by pro-choice people who are dishonest with themselves.

          1. Daisy Chainsaw

            Really? Where did the image come from? Who’s the photographer that should be credited with this image? Who gave permission for it to be taken. Without that information, there’s no way to verify what it is.

            As for the reality of abortion? I’d say you’d run and hide at the reality of periods, or any women’s bodily matters. You’ve obviously learned about “abortion” from foetus porn sites that try to make it look like the Red Wedding from Game of Thrones and that scares the bejaysus out of you… but it’s as fake as the images peddled by your YD mates.

          2. newsjustin

            Keep telling yourself that I’m a fool and abortions are periods Daisy. It’ll make it easier to sleep at night. Accepting the reality of abortion may be too much for some who are deeply committed to it.

  12. frank o'shea

    Who denies God, rejects life.
    And to do so openly before all displays this at a level that is akin to insanity.

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