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      1. jusayinlike

        1) Strange person forewarning of “killings”.
        2) Eyewitnesses speak of gunfire contrary to official narrative.
        3) Media quickly names and demonises alleged shooter.
        4) No obvious motive.
        5) Alleged shooter is shot dead as per usual.
        6) Sexed up photos released instantaneously.
        7) No CCTV ( in casino Vegas.. as if)
        8) Immediate calls for gun control.
        9) Crisis actor hiring call a week previously.

        Blatant and clumsy hoax..

        1. Rob_G

          I thought that jusayinlike’s comments couldn’t possibly any more demented and paranoid, and yet here we are…

    1. Listrade

      1/ Why is it only an alleged hoax when it’s a white shooter? Surely the globalists and Clintons have more to gain from triggering wars than taking automatic rifles off Americans.
      2/ why do they keep organising hoaxes when it clearly hasn’t had any impact on gun policy? Not one.
      3/ why keep organising hoaxes for gun control when every time the immediate impact is to boost shares for gun industry and actually drives up gun ownership?

      It’ll be forgotten about in a couple of days after the next Trump brain fart or a Twitter storm because Clare Balding’s agent is an arse. As strategies go, the physical and logistical measures to orchestrate this and all the others you guys cherry pick is phenomenal.

      Don’t forget these are the same guys who leave clues to their child slaughtering pizza restaurant on napkins and emails and hire shooters with acting credits.

      The conspiracy requires an incompatible level of both malicious and incompetence. Cop on to yourself. Grow up. Think. For once.

      The people I know with sufficient levels of both are the conspiracy theorists who have hounded parents of Sandy Hook victims and will no doubt prolong the grief and pain of the families here.

      1. rotide

        You’re absolutely right of course but this sort of logic makes no difference to the consipiracy nuts.

        They’re right and you’re wrong and you’re just too blind to see whats going on around you.

        They were a humorous diversion until Sandy Hook when they became nasty people and then when they started denying ISIS Inspired attacks in Europe they became dangerous.

      2. jusayinlike

        1) race/Clinton’s???

        2/3) if it’s not about guns, it’s about increased security at public events/rallies, such as metal detectors or scanners

        The rest of your post is whiney waffle..

          1. Amorphous Kerry Blob

            I didn’t intend my comment to be p—kish. I was attempting to ask ‘who’s the boss?’ in a funny way. It clearly backfired if you felt I was undermining the seriousness of your worldview, or if I was mocking you. I apologise. My attempts at humour will be more clear cut if you choose to discuss this subject with me in the future. Take care.

  1. Kdoc1

    Employment figures are up, but income tax is down! The reason is probably because of the type of employment being created i e. the newly employed don’t earn enough loot to pay any tax. It may be the case that even some of them are on Family Income Support. Flipping burgers and call centre work won’t enhance the government coffers.

    1. The redundant Mickey Twopints

      If only we had visibility of the numbers on Joan Burton’s mar dheadh “activation schemes” via Seetec and Turas Nua. How about it, Leo?

    2. Cian

      Employment figures are up. Income tax is up (but not as far up as projected). Tax rates (USC) fell in 2017 budget, so less tax collected per person.

  2. martco

    jasus that Telegraph is something to behold…you can see that headline from outer space

    g’wan Winston!

    1. snowey

      I loved it – Boris is brilliant at times.

      Can’t wait for brexit myself , brave new world
      two fingers to the EU

      1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

        You didn’t see that documentary about him on C4, then? He’s a dangerous, extremely ambitious, gobdaw.

  3. Jake38

    No Daily Express??!! Have they all finally died of Alzheimers? Please bring it back. It’s such fun.

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