Ted Heath and Liam Cosgrave sign The Sunningdale Agreement in 1972. Police say none of the allegations against Heath relate to his time as prime minister.


The police report into claims former British prime Minister Sir Edward Heath sexually abused children says that seven allegations of rape and sexual assault would have merited his interview under criminal caution had he still been alive.

To wit:

1961 Heath allegedly raped and indecently assaulted an 11-year-old boy during a paid sexual encounter in private in a dwelling. At the time Heath was MP for Bexley and Lord Privy Seal in Harold Macmillan’s government with responsibility for negotiating the UK’s first attempt to join the European Economic Community.

1962 While Heath was still Lord Privy Seal, he allegedly indecently assaulted a 10-year-old boy during a chance encounter in a public place while in the company of an unknown adult male.

1964 While secretary of state for industry, Heath allegedly indecently assaulted a 15-year-old boy during three paid sexual encounters. Heath was made Tory party leader a year later.

1967 Two years after becoming leader of the opposition, Heath allegedly indecently assaulted a 15-year-old boy who was not known to him, in private, during a chance encounter in a public building.

1976 A year after being ousted as Tory leader, Heath allegedly indecently assaulted an adult male during a chance encounter at a public event. The alleged incident was “over clothing”, according to the police. Heath was MP for Sidcup at the time.

1990-92 While MP for Old Bexley and Sidcup, Heath allegedly indecently assaulted a boy in private, during a chance encounter in private gardens. The boy, who was aged between 12 and 14, was not known to him. But the report says investigators “gathered information that potentially undermines the victim’s account”.

1992 Then father of the House of Commons, Heath allegedly indecently assaulted an adult man after consent was withdrawn, in what had been a paid consensual sexual encounter in a hotel.


Ted Heath would have been questioned over seven abuse claims, police say (Guardian)

The Main Allegations Against Ted Heath (Guardian)

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47 thoughts on “Mad, Ted

        1. martco

          ah shure there was plenty of grubby association stuff going on in the media with him all morning long so bodger may as well join in

        2. Frilly Keane

          it is relevent tho

          a press pic of Heath performing his duties alongside the Irish Taoiseach of the Day
          Liam Cosgrave RIP

          1. rotide

            Infamous British Paedophile Ringmaster, pictured with colleague.

            Yeah, no problem with that whatsoever

      1. rotide

        How exactly is this topical in the slightest?

        What has Cosgrave’s death got to do with this in any way?

        Nothing whatsoever. This is akin to the worst sort of clickbait shte you’d see on facebook.

    1. Sarah.

      Cosgrave wasn’t a paedophile. But he did have at least one mistress. RTE and company being very quiet about that though the dogs in the street know.

      1. dav

        @Sarah Not one for defending them owld blushirts, but for the sake of broadsheet, do you have something to back that up??

        1. James

          Dav, everyone knows Cosgrave had a mistress, world’s worst kept secret. Did he allow her to use contraceptives is the only question we don’t know.

        2. simon

          every good man has his faults, and cosgrave was unfaithful once or twice. let him without sin etc.

      2. Andrew

        Did he really Sarah? the dogs in the street know? Are you sure you’re not confusing Cosgrave with someone else?

        1. anne

          it’d be no big deal except for him being a very conservative catholic & not blocking the legalisation of contraception..inflicting his bullpoo on the nation. It’d sorta make him a hypocrite Harold..in case you need it spelled out for you.

      1. jusayinlike

        Peter Hayman, Leon Britton, Cyril Smith, Greville Janner, Harvey Proctor..

        All part of Heaths government, all heavily implicated in child abuse..

  1. Listrade

    Great little book for those who like political scandals:

    “A Very British Scandal” by John Preston (soon to be a mini series, but don’t wait for that).

    It’s about the trial of Jeremy Thorpe and his links to a murder. Thorpe had no link to any child abuse, but throughout the book we start to see a cast of characters who did and the links between them all. Saville shows up, so do Cyril Smith and a few others.

    Anyway, what’s interesting is the extent to which the institution of Government got behind Thorpe in covering up what was just an affair he had with another man. The unwritten code is that no matter what MPs or Lords got up to in their private lives, it was aggressively kept private and prevented from being made public by all in Government.

    Ministers (in opposition) helped silence Norman Scott, helped lose documentation, police were influenced and ultimately after an attempt on his life, the trial was influenced.

    Whether you like your secretary, colleague, prostitutes, men, boys, girls, kids, animals, the entire institution helps keep the secret so that their secrets are kept too.

  2. Daisy Chainsaw

    Political parties protect their own. Just ask Fianna Fail about Mary Boyle or Bill Kenneally… or ask FineGael about Noonan’s good friend and the placement of Grace.

    1. snowey

      while I can agree….
      what baffles me if that parties may protect their own….but why other their opposition stay silent and unreport things like this

      it leads me to believe that david icke was/is right – well he is right on the peados for sure – but that there is a level above government that controls the state of things. A shadow elite or illumuniati.
      one may scoff at this but how does one explain the failure of heaths political enemies to report him or use their contacts.

      I have one final musing….I am always uncomfortable with these allegations when the person is deceased…one justice won’t be done but also their name is besmirched over something they were never even charged with not mind found guilt. The courts should be the barometer otherwise their is chaos.

      truth is I haven’t a clue what I think should be done bar the obvious that the agents of the state should have acted at the time.

  3. Pat Kenny's wife

    Hardly. How many of these were clumsy homo erotic advances at a time when the gender was barely understood?

    1. jonnyboydub

      I would find any encounters between someone in their fourties and a child of ten or eleven very worrying but perhaps I’m a bit of a prude…

      1. Pat Kenny's wife

        You’re correct if this did happen but beware of judging past behaviour by today’s standards. In the past the Labour Party also had some similar issues I believe and many liberals actively called for the decriminalisation of certain man boy love activities.

    2. realPolithicks

      “How many of these were clumsy homo erotic advances”

      With 10,12,14 and 15 year old children, are you nuts?

  4. Jake38

    Head Teeth has been dead for 12 years. Unprovable allegations against a corpse. What a waste of money.

    1. jusayinlike

      Kincora is still a big problem for security services and successive governments who keep trying to remove it from inquiries..

      Ted Heath, Louis Mountbatten both implicated in the kincora scandal..

      “Who framed Colin Wallace” by Paul Foot is a brilliant book on the whole sordid affair

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