10 thoughts on “De Tuesday Papers

  1. Dubh_linn

    Man who killed woman has been formerly abusive to women shocker!
    Man who sexually abused women didn’t just have the one badly advised grope at the Xmas party shocker!!

  2. bad@memes

    I always look forward to the Papers thread.
    There’s hours of fun to be had, trying to figure out what headline on which paper inspired whoever it was who just said something cryptic to put their finger to their keyboard.and share their indignation with the nation.

    Today, it’s different…
    …I’ve been thrown a curveball.


  3. dylad

    A triple album? This is a rare enough thing. ‘Sandinista!’ by the Clash and 69 Love Songs by the Magnetic fields are the two that spring to mind. I had a copy of ‘Will the Circle be unbroken’, but it was missing the third LP.

  4. snowey

    best of luck to the people on the dole. hopefully they will get a pay rise today.
    they put a big effort in and deserve their reward and recognition

  5. petey

    I’d love to know what the Morning Star has to say about Ireland’s victory, but I … guess … I won’t…

    1. bisted

      …the Morning Star were very complimentary about Ireland on their front page…their bravery in the face of fierce opposition…bringing out a commemorative stamp for a brave revolutionary who was killed by the CIA 50 years ago…hasta la victoire siempre…

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