Harvey Abnormal


Hillary Clinton and Harvey Weinstein at a gala in New York in 2012

Among his biggest beneficiaries are President Barack Obama, whose daughter was an intern with Mr. Weinstein’s company this year. At a career workshop for high schoolers at the White House, where Mr. Weinstein was a guest several times, Michelle Obama called him “a wonderful human being, a good friend and just a powerhouse.”

Mr. Weinstein is also a years long friend of both Bill and Hillary Clinton, for whose 2016 presidential campaign he was a major contributor and driving force, holding a fund-raiser in his home at one point. He’s raised money for Planned Parenthood, helped endow a faculty chair at Rutgers University in Gloria Steinem’s name and distributed a film, “The Hunting Ground,” about campus sexual assault.

Good times.

Harvey Weinstein’s Money Shouldn’t Buy Democrats’ Silence (Editorial, New York Times)

Senators start giving away money Harvey Weinstein donated to them (Los Angeles Times)

New York Times Could Have Exposed Harvey Weinstein 13 Years Ago, Claims Former Reporter (Newsweek)

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34 thoughts on “Harvey Abnormal

    1. bisted

      …now that you mention it…crooked Hillary does seem to have a lot of friends in low places…

        1. bisted

          …well Hillary may have been crooked but she wasn’t stupid…keep your friends close and your enemies even closer…

          1. pedeyw

            SO are we just choosing to ignore the fact that Trump straight up admitted to being a sex pest?

          2. bisted

            …are you still choosing to ignore that crooked Hillary lost…snatched defeat from the jaws of victory…you got the Donald by default…shows how dreadful crooked Hillary was…

          3. Martina

            trump and his family are under federal investigation. In the last week, he’s been called a moron by Tillerson and the chair of the Foreign Relations committee Corker (previously a big trump supporter) says he needs day care. LOL.

  1. Daisy Chainsaw

    Rapists and sex pests will always have their champions. Look at the support Tom Humphries got from people he knew. Character references from men who knew he was a rapist, but aside from that, he was a good guy y’know. The Ultimate “Bros before Hoes” scenario.

        1. Pat Kenny's wife

          That’s not what I suggested. I do look forward to your screeds against rapists of other genders as I enjoy your male rapist-bashing rants so much.

  2. kellma

    Whatever about writing them a character reference when you know what they are….. maybe these people were not aware. A friend of mine found out her ex-husband was into child porn. She found it on his PC and then quickly kicked him out and rang the police. We were all shocked. Never did I once suspect that he was that way inclined…which was very scary.

  3. Friscondo

    The odd thing is, why Weinstein lost his untouchable status. This has been known about by anyone with even a passing interest in movie interest. Why has he lost his usefulness? Hollywood is an incestuous closed shop, and US media much the same. Why choose now to expose his sordid behaviour whilst the likes of Woody Allen, Roman Polanski, etc prosper.

    1. pedeyw

      Funny you should mention them together. I’ve always been perplexed over Mia Farrow continuing to be friends with Roman Polanski, an actual convicted child rapist, despite her accusations against Woody Allen, an alleged child rapist, (I’m not defending woody allen here, either, even without the accusations, his relationship with his almost adopted daughter now wife is gross).

      1. Pat Kenny's wife

        I don’t think there was any suggestions of rape in the Allen case more that it was inappropriate

          1. Friscondo

            Well, he would say that, to quote Christine Keeler. Imagine Jimmy Savile being given a right of reply in a national newspaper. I don’t think so! Nor should Allen. But different rules seem to apply. Like paedophile MP Greville Janner’s daughter given 15 mins on BBC Newsnight. Something I haven’t noticed any other paedophile’s family being give the opportunity to avail of.

          2. pedeyw

            I like Michael Ian Black’s response: “Maybe Woody Allen did it, maybe he didn’t. Either way, pretty sure I don’t want to hang out with Woody Allen.”

          1. Pat Kenny's wife

            I was referring to Soon Yi jusayinlike reports say she was 21 when they began their affair

  4. Martina

    Bodger is such a pathetic fraud on this issue. Trump raped his first wife and was accused of assaulting 12 women just before the election. He still hasn’t sued any of them as promised (as it’s true). Weinstein is a scumbag and so is O’Reilly, Ailes, Bolling, Cosby, Bill Clinton and of course trump. Go fupp yourself Bodger!

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