Songs Of The Fall


Late last month, with a TWENTY FIVE EURO voucher for Golden Discs on offer we asked you to choose a favourite Autumnal track.

You answered in your dozens.

But there could be only one winner.

in reverse order then…

Justin Hayward – Forever Autumn

David T writes:

I find my my autumn mood usually lifts on hearing Justin Hayward’s “Forever Autumn” because I love its eerie, crepescular quality.

Lee Hazelwood and Nancy Sinatra – Some Velvet Morning

Otis Blue writes:

I find my autumn mood lifts on hearing Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra singing Some Velvet Morning…

Aphrodite’s Child – Spring Summer Winter and Fall

Gorev Mahagut writes:

 I find my autumn mood lifts on hearing Aphrodite’s Child singing “Spring Summer Winter and Fall”, whose lyrics demonstrate some confusion about what order the seasons go in.

The Band – King Harvest

Yep writes:

I find my My Autumn mood usually lifts on hearing King Harvest by the band.

I can clearly remember being handed that album going back to school, staring at the cover of ’em all wrapped up looking soaked and cold, then spending the next few months buying and listening to everything I could.

Trying to explain how cool the song structure of King Harvest was at a Halloween party was a downside. Especially considering my analysis was ” but it’s kinda backwards kinda in a way”.

Van Morrison – Evening Meditation

Specific Gravity writes:

I find my autumn mood usually lifts on hearing Van Morrison’s Evening Meditation, from his Sense of Wonder album.

Something in it always brings to mind relaxing by a turf fire with a tipple after a day traipsing over crackling leaves with a refreshing bite in the air.

Of course, Van was no doubt meditating over far more exotic escapades when he wrote it…but it’s Autumn to me.


Van Morrison – Purple Heather

Nevan writes:

Van’s Purple Heather is so autumnal it’s like “a horn-shaped basket jammed it with an insanely ornate assortment of shellacked vegetables”. And it comes right after a song called “Autumn Song”. And it starts with the line “Well the summertime has gone and the leaves are gently turning”. It’s decorative gourd season!

Thanks all.

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