You Are Cordially Invited


On Thursday, October 26.

From 6pm.

At F R A M E, 53 South William Street, Dublin 2.

Damn Fine Print will launch Word – a new exhibition of exclusive screenprints in collaboration with sign painter Vanessa Power, otherwise known as Signs of Power.

There may will be tay booze.

Damn Fine Print writes:

Vanessa’s Signs of Power has left her mark across Dublin with incredible hand-drawn shop signs and murals all over the city.

Her new collaboration with Damn Fine Print is an attempt to replicate that work and expand on her repertoire of skills to take in classic print-making and letterpress techniques.

With bold and positive new statements, dramatic colours and irreverent and inspiring motifs, Vanessa has teamed up with their design team to produce a limited run of prints just for this show.

Drawing inspiration from the classic works of Sister Corita Kent and letterpress guru Alan Kitching, Vanessa and the Damn Fine Print crew use traditional brush lettering and black shade techniques alongside classic design methods from the early 20th century that look as fresh, inspired and defining now as they did more than 100 years ago.

Think brush lettering, block shades and casual scripts married with tasteful hand-lettered overlays that evoke real turn-of-the-last-century technology

The exhibition will run from Friday, October 27 to Friday, November 10.

Signs of Power

Damn Fine Print

Thanks Aidan


5 thoughts on “You Are Cordially Invited

  1. Francis almond

    A cheap shill for Jameson whiskey. nothing can happen culturally in ireland without booze advertising. ‘positive messages’ soaked in booze.

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      Yeah, yeah yeah. Giz some free booze and I’ll listen to more of your blather.

  2. bad@memes

    Isn’t it Vanessa who did the ‘Me Oul’d Flower’ mural visible from the Red Line Luas, near Smithfield?

    If it was I saw her applying the finishing touches to it.
    It still makes me smile whenever I pass it.
    Makes me forget momentarily that I’m on my way to work and need to get off at the next stop. (It’s a long walk back from Jervis Street, but totally worth it.)

    More Power to you Vanessa.

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