12 thoughts on “De Friday Papers

  1. Sheik Yahbouti

    Is anyone getting a pain in their fundament with the frequent announcements of “hubs” for every purpose? I know I am.

    1. martco

      ah now Sheik

      you just need to get some of that kool aid into you you’ll be right as rain

      can you not see how much nicer it sounds? family hub…poorhouse…I know which one I prefer anyway

      I for one am glad that 5 mil of our money is being put to such good use in the campaign4leo communications dept than the likes of say deis schools or building social housing….aren’t you? high 5!

      1. Frilly Keane Shur'

        looks like you took some of the Club Orange Cool Aid there yourself Mart

        c’mere what did ya make of Italian week?
        I didn’t see ya over on the Bake Off thread this week

        1. martco

          jasus wept
          do none of yez get sarcasm atall around here????
          am I supposed to be using a sarcastic font or somethin? answers on a postcard please….

          onto business

          I have to say I’ve mixed feelings about the Italian job Frilly:

          now I’ve never had proper cannoli, ever, one of things I’ve promised myself if I get to Italy again someday (problem is I don’t want to goto Sicily) I want to stay north end and do Verona and the surrounding area so it might not happen for me…it’s hard to beat a savage pizza but in my own efforts I discovered it’s down to 2 main issues – the grade of flour available and the oven which has to be hotter than the sun.

          regarding the programme itself….well it left a very sour taste overall for me.

          1) they sent the wrong person home. It shoulda been yer one Kate. rumour is was fixed because of her accident something I’d buy into because I can’t fathom it personally otherwise

          2) the whole Italiano Mafiosi schtick really annoyed me. I said as much to Mrs. Martco as we sat there and she was all g’wan outta that but my point is imagine it was Irish week and they started doing the Partridge thing with tree hundret ant turty tree and the shillelagh at the crossroads blah blah. the twitter would have been on fire and Pascal would have had yet another shiny thing to distract people with.

          lazy distasteful and the worst episode by far. big letdown.

    1. Junkface

      That’s disgusting! What kind of scumbags have we got in Dublin City? Christ! Dysfunctional scum roaming the streets, they’re getting worse in inner city areas. I hope they catch them soon.

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