“Daddy’ Daycare


St Brigid’s school in Glasnevin in Dublin is closed due to Hurricane Ophelia


Dept says schools to remain closed tomorrow (RTÉ)



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22 thoughts on ““Daddy’ Daycare

  1. Daisy Chainsaw

    Oh dear, the horror of babysitting your own children two days in a row! If they’re that much of a bother, why don’t you sell them, or something?

    1. Jesus Wept

      Most people don’t resent looking after their own kids,but when schools/creches close for zero reason at all, somebody may not be paid to take another day off work then I understand the frustration.

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        Zero reason? Haven’t you seen the mess outside? The roof came off a primary school in Wexford and I expect the same parents complaining that schools aren’t going to babysit their brats tomorrow would be the first to sue in the event of their little darling stubbing a toe on some debris.

        1. Nigel

          Feck off, it’s tough on working parents with young kids, that’s all, don’t be a such dick about it.

  2. Brother Barnabas

    “I think burton did the 2nd day off no school so the parents of nation can feel teacher pain of their kids”

    And for those thinking, ‘ah sure, what harm is it for the kids to miss school now and again’, we give you: dermot kelly and his attempt at a sentence.

  3. Jesus Wept

    Our creche has decided that any child receiving Ecce scheme creche entitlement can just stay home tomorrow as the department of education advised schools and creches not to open .All other children are welcome back on the Tuesday.Probably as the gov is paying for the ECCE scheme and parents paying out of their own pocket would be pretty pissed off if the creche was closed for a second day.Something not right about that.Creche is also in Lusk which avoided the worst of the winds.Creche will take gov money but will not take children.Greedy bar-stewards.

        1. Jesus Wept

          As I said the creche is open for all children except those whose kids are part of ECCE scheme and getting their 2 years free montesorri entitlement.

  4. Gabby

    Two days with the kids – and if the electricity goes there’ll be no TV and parents will have to INTERACT with their kids. Our civilization is approaching the end times.

      1. ahjayzis

        You need to actually write a hateful comment, this isn’t the 24th century, the computer won’t do it for you on receipt of a stage direction.

  5. ahjayzis

    The indignity of being lumbered with your own crotchfruit for an additional day in the week.

    Truly the state has the monopoly on violence :’o(

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