8 thoughts on “Toto?

  1. Kathy Tymon

    Hopefully he’s microchipped. A vet will scan him for free and advise his owners of his whereabouts.

    Please don’t bring him to a local county council dog pound, as he’ll not only be scared but will be euthanized (killed) within 5 days at most.

    Best place to advertise that you’ve found him is on Facebook page, ‘ Lors Lost dog’s page … she has a very high success rate in reuniting lost pets with their owners.

    Link >>> https://www.facebook.com/Lors-lost-dogs-page-292528260783856/

    If you can, it would be worth posting a few notices in local shops with the dog’s pic and your contact number etc.

    Don’t however hand the dog over to a called who claims it’s their dog unless they have proof that it’s their dog. Many dogs are claimed by scum simply to be used as ‘bait dogs’ for fighting dogs.

    Oh and thanks for keeping him warm :-)

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