Don’t Look Bake In Anger



This morning

Tesco, Prussia Street, Dublin 7

liamknuj123 writes:

Further to your post yesterday, readers will be relieved to learn that the baking aisle of Tesco Prussia Street has been restocked.

Yesterday: Hurricakes

23 thoughts on “Don’t Look Bake In Anger

  1. HyperGlobalCompuMegaNet


    Two pictures of DIFFERENT aisles on different days. This is why I tune into Broadsheet, hard-hitting, accurate posts…

  2. Rob_G

    I didn’t think there could be many things less interesting than the original post, but then here we are…

    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      Would you care to see the interesting speck of
      dirt I found on my shoe and ponder what it could be?

      Like a sort of Rorschach thing.

    1. Goosey Lucy

      Yes. All those people without water today, aren’t they glad they we’re too cool to buy water!
      And who needs bread or milk, with all the kids off from school?

  3. rotide

    Seeing as this is a complete non-topic, I’ll ask the important questions:

    Is anyone else losing their comments instantly after posting, only to see them reappear 10 minutes later?

    1. rotide

      Also the Latest comments section is hugely slow in updating since the reply fix.

      Hmm, apparently I’m in auto moderation for some reason

      1. Bodger

        Rotide and everyone, we encountered some problems when introducing the edit function yesterday. Marc, the tech person, is sorting it out as I write. Sorry. Back to normal in no time.

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