Chasing Ophelia


How was it for you?

Victor Karu writes:

I spent 12 hours on Monday chasing it with my camera so here (above) it is…

In fairness.

Victor Karui


Ted writes:

Great video that captures all the Ophelia excitement in Galway on Monday. Our swans are more extreme than I originally thought.

Hugh Sweeney



Keith writes:

What a difference a day makes” tweets from Ireland the day after #Ophelia. The best ones here

8 thoughts on “Chasing Ophelia

  1. Digs

    Well Victor, you’re probably not going to win any awards for that- but if you enjoyed yourself that’s reward enough.

        1. Brother Barnabas

          He probably got them around the 4.30 mark when he realised everyone else had gone home and he started wondering whether this was a good idea

  2. rotide

    His timings are inaccurate. He has footage of very strong winds at 12 in Dublin. I was out aand about at that time and it was glorious sunshine and hardly a breath of wind for the most part. It was about 1 before the wind started up properly.

  3. Ben Redmond

    Gee. Life is grim in stormswept Dubh Linn. I’m glad I migrated to Inisfree and built me a cabin of clay and wattles made. I harvested the nine bean rows a month ago, so I’m fed for the winter.

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