‘The Central Bank Is Not Making The Names Of The Two Lenders Known’


This afternoon.

During Leaders’ Questions.

Further to the publication yesterday by the Central Bank of its latest Update on Examination of Tracker Mortgages

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar (above) spoke about the tracker mortgage scandal.

He said:

“The Central Bank yesterday published its latest update on its industry-wide examination of tracker mortgages which was commenced in 2015. Approximately 13,000 impacted accounts have been identified by lenders as of the end of September, that’s an increase of 3,100 since the March report.

The Central Bank is currently pursuing enforcement investigations in relation to tracker mortgage-related issues arising in Permanent TSB and Ulster Bank Ireland and two further enforcement investigations into other lenders are now in train and it’s anticipated that more enforcement investigations will follow.

The Central Bank is not making the names of the two lenders known while the process is ongoing. And as a result of the Central Bank’s challenges, the two lenders are reconsidering certain outcomes of their reviews and our due to revert to the Central Bank by the end of October.

“If the Central Bank is not satisfied with the response from those two lenders, by the end of October, I think at that point, the Central Bank will name those two lenders.”

Watch Dail proceedings live here

Thousands may be unaware they are victims of tracker controversy (Conor Pope, The Irish Times)

13 thoughts on “‘The Central Bank Is Not Making The Names Of The Two Lenders Known’

  1. mikier

    Worth checking your records. Noticed yesterday looking over old docs from BOI that in 2010 I was not offered a tracker ( I had signed up to fixed a couple of years before that too), so I signed a for a 2 year fixed. When those two years were up I was offered a tracker out of nowhere in 2012 when the fixed term was up, which I took up, but they never mentioned anything about not offering it the years before that……think they are trying to hide a lot of this.

  2. Bonkers

    Not making the names of the two lenders known? More like not calling in the Office of Corporate Enforcement and the Fraud Squad Leo

    1. martco


      this is all waffle. if our glorious hero teeseach wanted to do something about this he actually would. fraud is fraud.

      I can say with certainty some of the upper floor former residents of Dame st. are close old school tie friends with many of the board members at the commercial banking side & have a major sway in what happens here.

      it will take the focus of a class action or similar by those parties directly defrauded to flush this poo out once and for all. just like the guards you are looking at core establishment issues here.

      nevermind what Leo says, thats all just noise and shiny things, this needs to see the courts

    2. Frilly Keane

      more not like calling them Cheaters

      Leo wouldn’t dream of calling these two banks Cheaters

  3. Junkface

    The Irish Financial Regulator was asleep at the wheel again. What do these people do? Surely they should have spotted Fraud earlier?

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