11 thoughts on “De Friday Papers

    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      Was thinking the same thing last night actually. It was stomach turning. Especially when you remember how aggressive and unyielding the banks were during the worst of the recession.

    2. martco

      re. the banks and CBI…same as it ever was. there won’t be any criminal proceedings, it’s an old school tie self regulated family business. at least Lane hinted at it with the culture reference. ECB only thing they’re respectful of

    3. Brother Barnabas

      It really does. Hard to understand how this state turned into such a wretched fraud. If I was 20, I’d get the fupp out of here as fast as I could.

      Time to dream it all up again from scratch.

    4. DavidT

      It’s the banks and their de-regulated power more than anything (ok, weak-kneed politicians too).

      Building societies used to provide mortgages but we can’t have ‘unfair competition’ like that can we?

    5. Termagant

      Almost makes you wonder why we bailed them out at the cost of almost 40% of our GDP

      What, ultimately, was the fudging point, you might ask yourself, when the absolute grunts were just going to turn around and fudge us anyway

  1. bisted

    …great to see Ibrahim Halawi finally released…for the second time in recent weeks it has fallen to the courts to provide justice for Irish citizens in the face of politically contrived charges attempting to deny the right to peaceful protest…

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