Staying In Tonight?


On Salon Confidential…

Melanie O’Connor writes:;

This week in the salon a client asks the questions is it ever okay to lie about your age when online dating should have to retire at 65 and should we legalise cannabis?

Come for the chat/blow dry.

Stay for pets on weed.

Salon Confidential on RTÉ2 at 10pm.

8 thoughts on “Staying In Tonight?

  1. Anne

    Irish telly is for the fupping birds. It’s cringe inducing.

    Blind date with what’s his name- Al Porter is more of it..watched that last night. The contestants were answering with lines like “with me I’ll always be on top.” & the muppets in the audience all shout whooooaaa together. What the fupp is wrong with these people? Have they no shame? All to win a date down to fota fupping Island in the rain.

    This is more of it..You’d have to be stoned to watch it. N cmere the dogs dun even barek loike.. You’d bay ston-end from da wee-ed so ya would.. lol *face palm.

    1. Anne Gularvelo-City

      Definitely gonna tune in now. I’d rather get my information from hairdressers than annoying people on the internet

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