23 thoughts on “Ta-Dah!

    1. GoddessDurga

      Is €19 that dear, though? Aren’t a lot of cinemas €14 or €15? And it’s really comfortable and pretty.

      It seems to be returning the Stella to something like what it was in its early days, when it was a combination of dance hall and cinema – the new version is a cinema and cocktail bar. It’s nice inside – big comfy seats with footstools, tasty treats and, should you like that kind of thing, cocktails. Whether it thrives may hinge on the quality of the films shown there…

      Rathmines is on the up. If Fallon & Byrne ever actually finish their glacial reconstruction at the Swan Centre and open their shop and restaurant, it will be a big draw for all of southwest Dublin.

      It’s interesting for the suburb, which has gone from being the original Dublin 4 in the 1900s through being a horrible, sad flatland from the 1940s to the 2000s, and is now creeping upmarket again.

    1. ahjayzis

      Your precious old facade destroyed a 15th century shack made of poo and straw. SO FUPP YOUUUEEEWWWWW.

      I want my crannóg back.

  1. Ram Trilogy

    Looks fantastic. Nice addition to the area.

    How sad sacks can complain about this, I don’t know….

  2. dave

    Along with the Bowery ‘ship’ it seems it’s all retro or wacky themes for pubs and bars to survive these days. All Rathmines needs now is a Mr Ben clothes shop, cowboy bar and an old games arcade for hipstergeddon (i.e. the ‘ironic’ wallowing in any time but the present) to be complete.

    1. Adama

      No it’s not Riot squad, terminals on the characters are not as ornate. That said, could be anything :)

      1. Alastair

        It’s not a single font imo. It’s also not particularly deco. The characters are more didones than anything deco, and the initial S looks like a cuckoo in the nest, with completely different angle of stress.

  3. Digs

    Well done to all involved. Fantastic and sophisticated endeavour, tastefully done and look forward to seeing something there! Delighted!

  4. Burnt Cheese

    Almost as expensive as seeing a movie on Leicester Square except the screen is half the size of the CRT telly in the kitchen of your Granny’s gaff.

    Font type: Pretentious

    Ah no joking aside, fair play though. Its a nice site to see again in Rathmines.

    Next, bring back Night Owls

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