Back And To The Left


Last night.

A warm thank you to , clockwise from top: Neil Curran, Derek Mooney, ‘Preposterous‘, Tony Groves, Johnny Keenan and Olga Cronin, our panel on last night’s Broadsheet on the Telly.

The show, which aired at the new time of 10pm, can be viewed in its entirety above.

Topics tackled included tracker scandal, Tom Humphries and the release of files on the JFK assassination.

The latter allowed lone nutter ‘Preposterous’ to once again question an official story. What a feeble-minded conspiracy loontard!

A little light swearing.

Plus: Spot the tortoise?

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18 thoughts on “Back And To The Left

  1. Candy Crush Guru

    I know they all put a lot of time and effort but that show was painful
    It really was

    Between Derek Mooney needing to get his glasses fixed to Trony Groves blushing as he spewed out one prepared soundbite after another. They both had agendas to deliver and own interests to promote, and it was as obvious as the Hairy Baby t-shirt over on another link. At least the Political operator was open and transparent about his ethos, but his manners towards the end, especially when he galloped over Johnny Keenan while he was speaking was uncouth and all the markings of a Brian Cowen Klan member, pure old School Fianna Fail. I am almost surprised he didn’t broadcast from a marquee.

    It was a shame. Some of the best shows recently featured the same people, Neil Curran, Venessa Foran, Preposterous and Olga, and of course the great Johnny Keenan with a Special Guest. The latter being worth particular mention as the friends he has introduced to the show were all exceptional and unique and all had great stories to tell.

    That mix is just right and should be allowed to develop as it is.

    Last night the show was usurped by Attention Seeking Blowhards, and Derek Mooney’s deliberate squashing of Johnny Keenan towards the end was proof of that. I am certain the other was disgusted Preposterous did not introduce his pet in the same manner Jinx and Charlie would normally earn.

    It was a terrible shame not to have Frilly Keane involved if they indeed had a history with the former Irish Times Journalist, now registered Sex Offender and Prisoner. I deliberately ignored his name as I think the less mention of it the quicker he will be expunged from all our thoughts and minds.

    In future I will see who the cast is before I bother.

    1. Frilly Keane

      Just in case there is any doubt
      I’ve made it clear
      And in other gaffs
      That I’ve pretty much said all I have to say on the former he who cannot be named for legal reasons

      It’s handy out now for his former fans, subjects, readers, colleagues, employers and NUJ chums to have their turn
      They were nowhere t’be seen
      And even less heard from
      Back in the day

      “More Sinned Against than Sinning”
      Isn’t that right lads

      Maybe someone might like to travel through the TnaG archives there
      Ye might find something interesting
      Even a WTF

    2. MKG985

      I’m with you Guru, Derek gets a little uppity. But I disagree on Moany Tony, I love his blushing mush. I don’t listen to a word he says, but he’s a bit o’ alright…

      I think I might still be drunk.

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