A tradition almost as old as the pagan feast itself

Helene Duffy writes:

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Halloween? Following tradition, here are those lovely pumpkins (picture 1) from Smithfield [Dublin 7] again!

Also I’m living abroad so in picture 2 are some bonus pumpkins from Japan!

In fairness.

Can you name the characters in the Smithfield pumpkin picture, anyone?

Previously: Smithfield: Last year

Smithfield: The year before


Pumpkin Carver Neve Connolly writes:

Happy Halloween! Beee gourd, as ET would say.. I did this carving at the weekend, he took around 5 hours. Strangers Things S2 on the TV,I was in my element. Hope you like him. Sound on.

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5 thoughts on “Good Gourd

  1. badatmemes

    I’ve forgotten how to post videos.
    ‘Pumpkin Soup and Mashed Potatoes’ by The Fall.

    Lounge Music, Fall-style.

    Keep your pets safe and your pettiness far away.

        1. badatmemes

          Disturbingly timed new disturbances in New York…

          ..but pumpkins…

          Don’t be distracted.
          Put away your pets.

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