Win The Golden Tickets


And help get Stephen to Russia

Johnny Keenan (him off the telly) writes:

The StopmyPPMS campaign to send Irish arts professional Stephen Garland to Moscow for life changing treatment has received a massive boost.

The FAI have made 2 pairs of Premium tickets available for the most important football game in Ireland in 2017, the return leg of ‘a do or die’ Play Off, Ireland V Denmark, on Tuesday Nov ember14 in the Aviva Stadium, for the 2018  World Cup.

The tickets will go to raffle, available online here to everyone who wants to ‘have a punt, for a tenner’, or have 6 tickets in the draw for €50, to be in with 2 chances of winning a pair

The draw will take place on Facebook Live, on Sunday, November 12

Stephen is due to enter the hospital in Moscow on November 20, for 30+ days. I would greatly appreciate any help in getting the word out to as many of the boys and girls in Green as possible.

Enter draw here

Stephen Garland (Stop My PPMS)

4 thoughts on “Win The Golden Tickets

  1. Johnny Keenan

    Thanks BS for publicising this

    On a personal note I have known this man for 20 years. So by seeing the human story might help move some ticket sales. Not to mention a superb prize.

    Irish International comedy promoter Stephen Garland needs your help. He is raising much needed funds to go to Russia on November 20th for life altering stem cell therapy to stop his PPMS Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis.
    Ever the innovator and a true MC ( Master of Craíc) Garland has some great campaigns to fund his trip to Russia.
    From All Ireland Football tickets to Cake Sales from Jason Byrne and Eddie Izzard doing special fundraising gigs to #GetThatManAPint.
    For a sickboy he has being exceptionally busy in the past 2 years, sense he was first diagnosed with this crippling disease.

    So far Stephen has raised €35000 of €70000 required.
    So in order to raise that elusive €35000 he needed something special.

    Thanks to the generosity of John Delaney and FAI Stephen was given 2 Pair of ‘Premium’ tickets for Ireland’s crunch World Cup qualifier against Denmark in Aviva Stadium on Tuesday 14 November.
    Spare Tickets for this craicer of a match are like hens teeth, they just don’t exist.

    A massive Irish football fan Steve has followed the boys in green all over Europe and beyond.
    If he wasn’t in such a physical dilemma and needed the money he would be the first Irish fan at the turnstiles with ticket and walking stick in hand.

    Alas that’s not the case.
    Through his many comedy gigs in Barcelona and Madrid he has always brought the best of comedy to the people at the best price.

    So in typical Garlando style he is giving a fantastic opportunity to all Irish fanatic football fans.
    In order to win a pair of these coveted tickets you just have to but a raffle ticket for a tenner €10 or 6 for €50. So if you want to get 5 friends to donate a tenner each then you get the free ticket for coercing them into it.
    This will be a fantastic achievement of people power if we can all work together for the greater good and make sure we get one of our boys to Russia and then anything is possible.

    Please play your part for citizen and country and buy a ticket for the cause here

    1. Frilly Keane

      Here Johnny Kingston
      I bought enough pints there last week t’take the lotta ye on the phish

      So is there any chance of an Intro to Eddie Izzard?

      I’ll be on me best
      I promise

      1. Johnny Keenan

        Fair play Frilly! you have been a great supporter for Stephens campaigns.
        So one last push on this one could get Stephen over the line and achieve his goal.

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