For your consideration.

The life-affirming follow up to Donal Moloney’s documentary on his friend Martin’s homeless odyssey.

In fairness.

Donal Moloney (Facebook)

Previously: For You Consideration: Martin

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9 thoughts on “Martin At Home

      1. Brother Barnabas

        Ah, yes. Cheers Clampers. I’ll put it here in case anyone’s curious (being nice like that – me):

        Rachel Webb2 weeks ago
        I’m not sure about this. I would really like to know how Martin is doing now? He seemed so happy with the pigeons and the elements and the people passing by. I can see how he is now safe and physically comfortable, but how has it affected his mental well-being – which seemed so joyful and free? Is he now more isolated? I know this might seem against the grain as a comment – Martin has been given what we are all supposed to want, and of course, a roof and a bed and running water are essential to most people. I’m not questioning the kindness and compassion being shown here, but I really want to know how Martin feels now, after a year or more in a flat? The film says he is as happy as he has ever been. Is that really what he feels, or what you think? I do hope you will answer this comment, Donal. Your films of Martin are beautiful, and have captured a lovely man, and I respect you and your work. I just wonder what price Martin might have paid for this comfort and safety? Warm regards

        Donal MoloneyPLUS2 weeks ago
        Hi Rachel. I understand your concern. I too was very concerned about the transition. I and in particular the people at Housing First monitor the situation regularly. He adjusted extremely quickly. It’s been more than a year now since he’s been housed and I see him very regularly. In my humble opinion, he is as happy as he has ever been. Obviously there’s been a major change to his routine but he appears to have embraced a new routine. He’s incredibly house proud. Each time I visit or take him out I notice he’s much more inclined to engage in conversation. He’s still extremely shy with strangers(as he has always been) and I don’t see that changing. Nothing is ever a sure thing but all we can do is keep a constant close eye on all aspects of his welfare.

        Forgot to mention. He still feeds his pigeons every day.

  1. B Bop

    Wow…well done one & all.
    A fascinating story continually followed from Donal-
    thank you for sharing & updating in the last few years.
    Martin looking very Hipstery in his beautiful home!

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