Where Deals Are Done


McHenry, Illinois, USA.

Charlie Kranz writes

Saw this and was compelled to pass it along. A very cool idea, I’d never seen before. I’m from nearby this part of Illinois, so I take pride in the fact that the little corner of the earth I’m from is doing something smart.

Couldn’t work here.

Or could it?


McHenry Police Department (Facebook)

9 thoughts on “Where Deals Are Done

  1. scottser

    now this makes sense. i’m a great man for buying musical stuff through adverts.ie, unfortunately it means meeting in weird places. that was me in super valu in enfield last night bashing cymbals in the car park btw.

    1. Brother Barnabas

      Who meets someone they’ve met online in a car park for sex? And what car park? And when?

      (That’s directed at andyourpointiswhatexaxtly)

  2. Amorphous Kerry Blob

    How about a similar place for BS commenters to meet up for the first time?
    A safe place, where various personalities from the BS commentariat would converge and converse avidly about various subjects. Even if it was just Bodger who turned up.

  3. Specific Gravity

    She grew up on a farm there
    There’s a place on my arm
    Where I’ve written her name
    Next to mine

    You see I just can’t live without her
    And I’m her only boy
    She grew up outside McHenry
    In Johnsburg, Illinois.

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