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    1. Shayna

      Apple seem to have pushed their cash around Ireland, (before ending up, off the coast of Mayo bound for, not the USA) . Sorry, it sounds like a title for WWN. Fair play – shrewd, not unlawful, if I was a cast member of “Mrs. Browns Boys”, I’d be inclined to hide the fact that I worked on the show.
      Lewis Hamilton bought a jet for @ £15 million, got £3million back in VAT because he registered it in The Isle of Man, along with some complicated accounting. It’s great that the British Government are tackling this issue by aggressively re-assessing people who receive benefits. The real culprits in the whole GDP are the poor, seems to be the way to go.
      I’ve never been to The Isle Of Man, it seems they’re not great with Irish types, unless they drive a high-powered motor-bike into a tree. (Joey Dunlop).

      1. Shayna

        I’ve been to Jersey (another tax-haven), St Helier for 5 hours, just to deliver some extra equipment for a show that my company needed – it was the launch of the “Parker Roller-Biro” – I know? Anyhoos, went there, just shortly. At the airport, on my return to Heathrow, I was detained under the “Prevention of Terrorism Act” – it appears my ID, an Irish passport was suffice to hold me.
        Also, the taxi driver asked me if I was related to Gilbert O’Sullivan who lives in Jersey – I told him that I really don’t have a Waterford accent, the remainder of the journey remained in silence. I think he was the guy who called the cops at the airport.

      2. Bertie Blenkinsop

        “I’ve never been to The Isle Of Man, it seems they’re not great with Irish types”

        The IOM is full of Irish and scousers, it’s a great place and more importantly, it’s the inspiration for the Island of Sodor in Thomas the Tank Engine.

        If you’ve never been, I recommend you give it a try.

        1. Shayna

          It seems silly that I’ve never been, I know. Apparently they filmed “Waking Ned” there, which was supposedly set in the west of Ireland.
          I suppose I could open an Isle of Man Savings Account at the local post office, when eventually I visit (it’s on my list), then I’ll have an off-shore account.

  1. Biggins

    The centenary of The Revolution comrades!!!!

    Long live the dictatorship of the proletariat!

    Centralized decision making for all matters!

    Nationalize all farms and industry today!

    Property and business owners, intellectuals and teachers, priests, Muslims and politicians will be first against the wall!

  2. Harry Molloy

    Some interesting things happening in Saudi Arabia since women were given the right to drive.

    The crown prince is making efforts to moderate their application of fundamentalist Islam, Wahhabiism.

    This would support the theory the the royal family have always been more moderate but feared the clerics, and you seem to debunk the theory that they are responsible for the spread of the Wahhabi sect.

    ‘This is a revolution’: Saudis absorb crown prince’s rush to reform


    1. Clampers Outside!

      And adding to societal changes, I would be particularly interested in the pre-Islamic historical sites they are now allowing people visit, and opening up to tourism :)

      Finally, something worth seeing other than a city in the desert.

  3. ivan

    Hang on, The Irish Daily Mail, (prop Viscount Rothermere, no stranger to hooky offshore accounts himself) is pointing the finger at Brendan O’Carroll and co?

    Crikey. Somebody dig up Tom Lehrer. And Henry Kissinger.

    1. Nigel

      Which reminds me that Tom Lehrer and Henry Kissinger are both alive and well, which means there’s still a chance for Lehrer to get a Nobel and Kissinger to be put on trial for war crimes.

      1. ivan

        hah – thanks Nigel; soon as I’d hit submit i realised HK was still with us. Had forgotten about Tom.

        *goes off to poison pigeons in the park*

  4. Yeah, Ok

    The GAA claim they welcome unionists/non-Irish/non-catholics to take part in the sport yet their British teams tend to be almost always named after Irish rebels or catholic saints… what’s the logic there? Surely that’s deliberately exclusionary and inflammatory in Britain?

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