Meanwhile, In Lisbon


This afternoon,

Former French President of France François Hollande on the second day The Web Summit 20017, Lisbon, Portugal.

More it get we as.

9 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Lisbon

    1. snowey

      I agree,.

      I went once, didn’t think much of it.
      The media loved it though and reported the poo poo out of it – all for the price of a “free” lunch

    1. Andy

      And he was the president of France & Holland.

      The french deserve everything they get for electing clowns who can’t even talk right.

  1. dav

    Fair play to them, as the rugby 2023 report showed, this is a 3rd rate, back ward nation. And kept so by corrupt politicans and vested interests.

  2. Eoin

    I see Al Gore and Kaitlynn Jenner are also booked for this show. They should rename it the Fantasy Rainbow Unicorn Summit.

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