No One Can Hear You Screen


Further to last week’s foreign phone call scam

Have you received a missed call on your phone starting with +231 (Liberia)?

Or perhaps +269 (Comoros), +216 (Tunisia) or +682 (Cook Islands)?

Luke Brennan writes:

I saw your post about the phone scam, I just got the second missed call from a +216 number myself this week.

So I asked my brother Kevin, who has 20 years experience in telecoms, to write a post on how you can protect yourself against this and other scams.

He developed Callbrx himself (even did the illustrations!) down in Waterford, it allows you to screen incoming calls and do other cool stuff.

In fairness.

How to Stop Nuisance and Scam Phone Calls (Callbrex)

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7 thoughts on “No One Can Hear You Screen

  1. Lucy

    I’d love to see one that properly works for a dementia sufferers phone. Had difficulty before trying to keep someone financially safe without removing their phone access or having to explain to them in a way they could understand why they needed a blocker, when they felt they were doing fine by themselves. Unfortunately once the evil pricks get teeth into someone, knowing they are vulnerable, there’s no stopping them, and most of the apps that claim to work this way need more input on a continuous basis to decide who to block and who to let through.

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