George’s Lane, Dublin 7, two days ago

Further to Wednesday’s Lane of NO Shame.

This just in .



G’wan the lanes.

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18 thoughts on “Cuffed

      1. Nigel

        That’s when you’re stuck in traffic and watching cyclists go by and feeling this strange urge to put on some lycra and a gopro.

        1. realPolithicks

          “some lycra and a gopro”

          When I read that first I read it as “some lycra and a go poo”.

  1. Dhaughton99

    On James’s st, just before the Luas track, there’s a cycle lane which has been a car park for years. All day, every day there’s 12-15 cars parked along it. It’s a single lane road with a high amount of traffic. The road was recently re-tarmaced and new road markings but It’s still allowed to continue. Anyone know who you can contact if you wanted to make an official complaint other than using twitter.

  2. snowey

    ah good old chemical….
    always green except when it doesn’t suit his diverse portfolio.

    easy to pontificate when it doesn’t affect you

    1. Nigel

      Easy to pontificate because it’s obviously right. Easier to whine vaguely while someone else tries to get something done.

      1. snowey

        yes indeed.
        easy for us all.
        I just wanted to make a dig at him – it’s friday and i am in that kinda humour

  3. Andrew

    Ciara Cuffe ,the former green party TD who supported Fianna Fail and owned oil exploration stocks.
    He got a nice job done on Fade Street though. It’s a coincidence he has a business on it.
    Great lad.

        1. Mysterybeat

          Irrelevant ad hominem arguments do tend to confuse me. So yes, I am confused pretty often, especially around here.

          1. Andrew

            poor lamb. You’re confusing ad hominem with genuine criticism of a politicians motivations and modus operandi.

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