18 thoughts on “Girly Learning

  1. Yeah, Ok

    It’s a necessary job, no need to denigrate it like that.

    Cleaning up, or copying parents cleaning up, is also one of the activities kids commonly use to start developing motor skills and coordination. Most children will spend start pretending to sweep and clean shortly after they can walk. I really don’t see the issue with this – in fact I would say as a learning tool it’s very beneficial, both for boys and girls.

          1. Reach For The Stars

            btw I tuned into broadsheet today expecting to see Bertie Blenkinsop come up with some new angle or innovative approach to displaying his blinding wit but I am sad to note it’s the same as it ever was

          2. mildred st. meadowlark

            Well by all means go ahead and demonstrate your own blinding wit and dazzling ingenuity.

            You’ll pardon me if I don’t wait. You’re actually dull as doo doo.

          3. falling star

            Dull as dishwasher, bland and so bloody irritating. Wish they would boot Reach for the Stars/Warden of Snort/Pat Kenny’s wife/Mary Lambe off Broadsheet for good.

  2. ceo

    My 2 year old (boy) loves sweeping the floor, hoovering and rubbing stuff down with baby wipes and the like. Maybe there’s an issue if it’s always girls depicted with such toys, but that is changing. Many of these role play toys are now mixing up the gender deception (doctor sets etc.)

    In fact here’s a well know brand’s cleaning kit: https://www.educationaltoysplanet.com/kids-house-cleaning-6-pcs-set.html. And here’s a doctor set available at Smyths: https://www.smythstoys.com/ie/en-ie/toys/fashion-and-dolls/dress-up-and-make-up/doctor-kit-set/p/159419

    The world is actually moving on in some small ways. Maybe it is just an innocent toy for girls and boys and on this occasion it happens to be a girl on the packaging. And half price too… score!

  3. Harry Molloy

    My little girl loves making tea and for her 7th birthday we felt she was ready for a real kettle. Best thing ever, endless cups of tea for us

  4. Eamonn Clancy

    Brian obviously isn’t or wasn’t a parent. You can try and force any toy you want on a child, see how that works out.

  5. Jones

    My niece has a baby doll toy. Disgraceful scenes. Encouraging to her to be a single mother from an early age!

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