That’s Richie


Former Bank of Ireland Chief Executive Richie Boucher

Asked about whether the bank had any issues impending similar to those that were identified at Permanent TSB in relation to customers and the mortgage interest rates they were entitled to secure, Mr Boucher said if the bank had any material disclosure of that kind, it would be making it.

“I’m talking to the market today. Anything that would have a material impact on our reputation is something I would disclose. If we identify a mistake, we engage with the regulatory authorities and do remediation with the customers expeditiously,” he said.

August, 2015

The bank announced on Friday that Mr Boucher had informed the company of his intention to leave and said a selection process was under way to appoint a new CEO. Mr Boucher said he would would continue in his role “pending completion” of this process, having led the bank since February 2009.
Mr Boucher said that while he enjoyed his job and was excited about the group’s “transformational investment” in its IT systems, the time was right to hand over the baton.

February 2017

Earlier this week Bank of Ireland said it had identified another 6,000 customers who were wrongly removed from low-interest tracker mortgage loans. This brings to 10,300 the number of people affected by the controversy at Bank of Ireland alone.

he total cost of putting customers back on low tracker rates, refunding them for overcharged interest payments, and compensating them at a rate of 10pc of the refunds, will cost the bank up to €200m. This is up from €26m previously set aside by the bank.

November 2017

Good times.

PTSB disaster sparks wider Central Bank tracker probe (August 2, 2915, RTÉ)

Richie Boucher to step down as Bank of Ireland CEO (Irish Times, March 24, 2017)

Tracker controversy may stop Bank of Ireland paying a dividend (Novemeber 19, 2017)


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10 thoughts on “That’s Richie


    A perfect candidate for criminal prosecution by any means in relation to intentional overcharging during his tenure.

      1. Triona Carwy

        I wrote four registered letters to the same Richie over lies one of his staff in Galway is telling. This lie will cost me my house and I can’t get an answer from B O I or anyone . That is Richie!

  2. Gringo

    So you would think, Jimmy, but in the parallel world of banking, it is completely normal behaviour to lie through your teeth while stealing money from your customers. It is also acceptable practice to describe the loot as profits, thus enhancing the share price of the criminal enterprise called the BOI. RICHie cannot help it, coz its in his nature.

    1. Sheik Yahbouti

      “Hondootedly Mosses Thatcher, yon man knew NOTHING about these grave iniquities”……Ah, I shaggin’ give up… I’m up to me eyebrows in disgust and loathing…. your Sheik will have to don the armour and wield the scimitar, for the common good

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