Coolmoyne House, Dunmurry, County Antrim

Emergency services are at the scene of the fire at 14-storey Coolmoyne House where residents have been evacuated from the building.

Northern Ireland Ambulance Service spokesman John McPoland said the fire was reported from the ninth floor about 6pm.

The four people were being treated by the ambulance service, but the situation was ongoing and there was no further details about their conditions, Mr McPoland added.

Four treated after fire at Belfast tower block (RTÊ)

5 thoughts on “In Dunmurry

  1. Shayna

    I didn’t know there was a tower in Dunmurry, it’s a tad up from where I live. I think everyone’s okay?

    1. Shayna

      From BBC News On-line, Geoff Sommerville, group commander with the Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service, said firefighters rescued a man from the flat in which the fire started.
      He said they believed the fire was “accidental” and that the man “was making toast at the time”. -Yikes!

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