Furious Editing


Further to yesterday’s bad bahaviour hoo ha.

How they changed the narrative before YOUR EYES.

Dr Nguyen Van Faulk writes:

Why has RTÉ News completely rewritten the headline and content of this article (link below) as if to allow for Merrion Street to have the final say on this ‘misunderstanding’? Disgraceful silencing of Fr McVerry’s frustrations.

I’m aware that a lot of the original content is pushed down the article, but these articles shouldn’t be treated as running diaries of an incident. The whole tone of the original article is removed. Any follow-up, add-on content or clarifications should be clearly declared.

Also, to be clear, only the cached search results show the original article headline. The newer, less incendiary headline is presented when you browse through the site’s news articles.

Good times.

Minister says groups need to cooperate on homelessness (RTÉ)

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9 thoughts on “Furious Editing

    1. Iwerzon

      Do you recall the time when RTÉ apologised to Brian Cowen for running a public interest story about the cartoons of him having a dump being installed, albeit illegally, in the National Gallery. RTÉ is without doubt a machine of the State.

  1. Anomanomanom

    McVerry is a gobpoo. He houses scum, like the rapist and junkies he keeps housing beside me. He’s such a good man my bottom.

    1. catherine ryan

      Ah, A FugGer. If you have any information about crime or criminals toddle along to the garda shop and fill them in like a good man. Fr McVerry is a decent human being who looks after people, some of whom have problems. They are not scum.

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