Kiss Your Mother With That Mouth?


Tweets from Fine Gael vice chair Barry Walsh (top)

G’wan the early risers.

Kate O’Connell writes to Fine Gael bosses about alleged online abuse from senior party figure (

29 thoughts on “Kiss Your Mother With That Mouth?

    1. Tony

      A pucker-mouthed, lady-hatin’ snudger with a tiny little claw hand.

      And because Twitter.

      You’re welcome.

  1. TheRealJane

    In any event, who would imagine that a prolifer would be causally disrespectful and full of rage towards women?

    What. An. Unexpected. Turn. Of. Events.

    1. realPolithicks

      Occasionally a politician will open his mouth and accidentally say whats really on his mind. It never ends well.

  2. Mysterybeat

    That guy is the vice chairman of the party of government, and this is his attitude to women.
    Speaks volumes for the state of this place.

    1. anne

      misogyny is quite common in our patriarchal society unfortunately.

      there are plenty who think that sort of attitude towards women is acceptable.

      1. Janet, I ate my avatar

        a friend of mine was told 3 times last night in a pub to give her face a rest and smile because she wasn’t laughing enough at an auld fellas attempts to impress/

        Lads, genuine question: do you get told to smile all the time when you’re out?

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar

      The knot in his tie is bigger than his gob
      how did all that poison escape from such a small orifice ?

  3. snowey

    selectiove tweets – it’s quite possible he hates many people not just women.

    initially saw this on the media headlines…i thought he said something horrible….

    “bitch” x 1000 on social media…where is my pitchfork.

    Kate o’Connell has seriously thin skin or this is part of something bigger. I suspect it is a pro-life / pro choice butting of heads and o’connell is trying to attack him for some other (non disclosed reason)

    bitch on twitter ….ffs..
    grow up

  4. Kieran Nice Young Chap

    Sounds like he’d fit right in with the hatred, bullying and bile spewed by Moyest and the like encouraged on Broadsheet

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